back to article NBN Co numbers suggest FTTP build could be done for close to Labor's budget

The real cost of completing Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) in its originally-planned fibre-to-the-premises configuration may well have been close to the $AU43 billion first budgeted, according to data presented by NBN Co's CEO and CFO to a Senate Estimates hearing. Yesterday, CEO Bill Morrow and CFO Stephen Rue …

  1. dan1980

    All of which shows the massive incompetence and stupidity and rush of the previous regime. I am all for FTTP but if they had just been more thorough and open and produced proper costings then the wild numbers being thrown around by the coalition would have been very easy to refute indeed.

    1. Winkypop Silver badge


      The LNP would have reacted the same way had the cost come in neutral.

      Their formula for "good government" is: Labor = bad, LNP = good.

      Nothing more.

      1. rtb61

        Re: Hmmm,maybe

        More accurately, News Corporations get's us elected, what do you want today Rupert, please let us make the Australian public get it for you.

        Of course all the other business are now get more than a little miffed at the blatant bias in LNP communications policy, News Corporations get what it wants and every other business in Australia get's the opportunity to 'er' pay them or be driven out of business.

    2. Thorne

      "then the wild numbers being thrown around by the coalition would have been very easy to refute indeed"

      How do you pick which liar is telling the truth?

      Despite the costs FTTP is better than FTTN because at some point you need to rip out FTTN and put FTTP in.

      Do the job once and do the job properly.

    3. Chuq

      They *were* easy to refute (Malcolm was just making up random numbers) but the mainstream media didn't want to play any part in getting actual facts across.

    4. rtb61

      Get real. News corporations could quite readily be shown by the actions given. We win you the election and you 'WILL' destory the NBN, end of story.

      Of course the bullshit required to destroy the NBN just started to mount higher and higher and higher and all the other companies started to get quite disappointed in the outcome as the outcome they intended became more and more apparent, destroy the NBN, sell what ever is left at a cents in the dollar discount to Telstra and kill the ABC and sell it pieces at a cents in the dollar discount to Newscorp.

      Fail and you will not win the next election, problem with that threat, succeed and you will lose no matter what the most hated media company in the world attempts to do.

      Newscorp seriously, the most hated media company in the world, that does do forebode well for them.

  2. AndyWoWPandy


    Does that make it comparable with fibre to the bag aka MTM?

    That was $0, $7 billion, $19 billion I can remember how many more stabs in the dark.

    What was the last best estimate of the 1 Mbps improvement model?

  3. Mark Exclamation

    Meanwhile, back in reality,

    Let's see what it *actually* costs when it's actually finished. It's only just started, but already the cost estimate is *only* $4beeellion more than the estimated rubbery cost. What's $4 billion among friends?

    I repeat as per my previous posts: this is the biggest waste of money ever!

  4. Hazmoid

    Hopefully this means when Labor gets back in the FTTP plan might be revived.

    And since we are not even on their maps at this stage we might have a chance of actually getting FTTP :)

  5. Urh

    Icing on the cake

    Here we have even more proof that when it comes to telecommunications, the coalition still have no f***ing clue.

    Somebody wake me up when these useless meat sacks have been shown the door.

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