back to article Burning Man hackers get burnt

Hundreds of entrepreneurial and impatient hackers have exploited a loophole to purchase early tickets to the Burning Man festival. Geeks meddled with Ticketfly's first-in-best-dressed system to jump the queue and push in ahead of the hordes hoping to attend the counter-cultural event. The Cosmic Corporation, the event's …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The burn

    Yes, I want to spend a week out on a miserable, hot, flat, dry lake bed in the Nevada desert in the middle of summer, eating all that wind-blown alkali dust, surrounded by tens of thousands of weirdos, posers, and trust fund kiddies, and I want it so bad that I will cheat so that I can brag about getting tickets in the first minutes of the sale.

    This event started as a pure anarchy thing with just a few free spirits, but now it has morphed into a crowd-sourced, tightly controlled, Phreakland-On-The-Playa. My brother attended it once, and the word is you better have a fully equipped caravan/motorhome if you don't want to feel like a refugee all week.

    Apparently many make do with tents and such with no shower available, so when the daily water truck comes 'round to settle the dust in the "streets," these fine people run along behind to get a free shower. Apparently the need is very, um, strong...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: The burn

      Says someone who's never been... You will find whatever you're looking for out there, so be careful what you wish for... ;)

      1. Nick Pettefar

        Re: The burn

        Been three times, enjoyed it immensely each time. There's always glitches, problems and other interesting things with events of this scale. The spirit is wonderful.

    2. Ian 62

      Re: The burn

      Whereas in the UK we have festivals such as:


      70,000 + people in a muddy field in Scotland. You hope the mud is because of the rain and not the leaking urinal troughs. The port-loos are blocked with bottles of buckfast, so while you're at the stage having cups of 'hopefully' warm beer thrown at you, someone has decided to leave a cr@p in your sleeping bag.

      or Glastonbury

      175,000 + people in a muddy field in England. Where the mud is mixed with cow cr@p, yet diving in it for the press pack seems like a good idea at the time. The 10ft security fence is no help stopping the supply of drugs as the face painting tent is actually a secret tunnel.

      Burning Man doesn't sound so bad.

      1. auburnman

        Re: The burn

        Ah, T in the Park. Where you go to Q in the Rain and P in the Dark.

      2. AbelSoul

        Re: T-in-the-Park

        T-in-the-Park doesn't even qualify as a festival in my book. More like an oversized gig full of neds.

        I still go every couple of years when there's a band playing that I can't see otherwise but it has never really felt like a festival, not even when it first started in Strathclyde Park (yes, I am that old).

        At least Glastonbury is still relatively friendly in comparison and it's undoubtedly a festival, cow-mud and all.

        That said, I usually prefer smaller events, preferably under 10,000 people.

    3. foxyshadis

      Re: The burn

      Look, it's this or the Gathering of the Juggalos, so if you think a few stinky rich hippies is bad....

    4. Stevie

      Re: The burn

      Of course you need a motorhome c/w food and water. You're going to be spending days in the f*cking desert.

      Less telly, more camping trips. A bit of scouting or an outward bound trip or two wouldn't hurt either.

      Azathoth's nebular nodes, is there anything more willfully stupid than a human being chasing a good time?

  2. Stevie


    You need a ticket to parade around the Nevada desert dressed in a smile, wings and an Indian Warbonnet?

    How counter-cultural!

    *thinks* I wonder if they have a Hemulen to punch the tickets so no-one can have fun more than once?

  3. Richard Altmann

    Bring your own poison

    The stage is a flatbed truck, some noisy gensets in the back sponsored by a local building company.

    10€ entrance fee to pay for dixie toilets and red cross and bring, whatever gets you going.

    It´s still there, at least in Germany. Well you might not get the Stones on stage but its about the fun of spending a weekend with likewise people. And at the end you stack up the hay bales for sitting and sleeping comfort provided by the farmer on whos land it takes place and burn it so he does not have to clean up the mess. That´s a Burning Man. Some people want express themselves? Most welcome, as long as long as they clean up behind themselves. I organized some of this events myself and it always was a pleasure. Prepaid, select people, gathering point, travel by bus and ferry (to an island without mobile phone coverage), no blurring sound systems on the camping lot, free F&B, excellent.

  4. ecofeco Silver badge

    Burning Man?

    SO last century.

    And just how counter culture is a motorhome anyway? Yeah, exactly.

    Don't get me started about the "hipsterness" of it.

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