back to article IBM's FlashSystem 900: ‘Better capacity in less rack space’

IBM has upgraded its FlashSystem 840/V840 to the 900/V9000 all-flash array products, using MLC flash in a close collaboration with Micron to prevent any performance or reliability drop-off. The V9000 is as we described here and the 9000 product that we thought should exist but couldn't find, the upgraded 840, does actually …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Mention XtremIO to your IBM channel rep ...

    Only to be told:

    * 3x $/TB cheaper (raw)

    * 3-4x TB/unit higher (usuable)

    * 2x Speed faster (BW/IOPS)

    * 2.5x faster (latency)

    Not sure NetApp or Pure is going to work either, might be better to lead with a Violin if you get my drift, but don't tell anyone I told you ;-)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Doesnt every flash array vendor say that its widget is faster, better compressed, cost saving, better usable to raw blah blah. Every day, it seems, we get another claim and counter claim its now getting really dull.

    Can we stop all this marketing crap now please and have a proper independent assessment of the all flash arrays, using a comparable config and set-in-stone workloads. Can we then do a proper analysis of the efficiency technologies to get the ACTUAL savings through compression/dedupe etc and then when we have the final effective usable capacity, can we look at the end user pricing over a 5 year period using the same SLA - not list price or cost to the channel.

    Then, and only then, will any of these vendor claims be anything like realistic.

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