back to article UK public sector biz keeps French giant Atos buoyant

Sales at French outsourcing giant Atos rose 5.1 per cent to €9.1bn (£5.9bn) for its full-year 2014, buoyed by UK public sector spend. Net income was €283m (£183m), up a respectable nine per cent from the previous year. However, the firm said when currency exchange was taken into account, sales dropped 1.1 per cent on last …

  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    An no increase in GDP occurred


  2. David 66

    Their name is mud

    Who the fuck is giving them money? Atos, disgraced by its disgusting treatment of our sick and disabled in the benefits entitlement tests, lost that contract. Why are they still here? Why does it sound like they have more contracts? Take a contract out on them, shirley?

  3. dchassels

    Atos who fail to adopt cost saving software for UK Government we know why!

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