1. Roger B

    Sinclair Spectrum

    Bit random this one, but at work we have just acquired 3 Sinclair Spectrums, 2 have the normal stamped serial number, 001-416196 and 001-055839 but the third has the serial number printed on a paper label D01-002945 anyone know why? or know of a website that might help?


    1. Bleu

      Re: Sinclair Spectrum

      You may try World of Spectrum or try asking at the Retrobytes portal (site names, easy to find from a search engine).

      ... but you probably are already at least knowing the former by now.

      I only know because of nice times on programmable DS carts.

      The Reg. user fora are so barren, their system really is needing notification of replies, now, article comments are only for people to making poor one-line bad jokes, and no way to track replies except going through all of the thread.

      I am sorry that my reply is probably so late as to be useless.

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

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