back to article Hey, go easy on Gilbert Fiorentino, he’s a changed man – defence lawyer

The lawyer representing disgraced former Systemax exec Gilbert Fiorentino, who is awaiting sentencing for committing fraud while employed there, has cast the man as having had issues with alcohol, but said he'd since become an upstanding citizen who did "charity work". Back in November, the Feds charged Fiorentino and his …

  1. Little Mouse Silver badge

    Rule 1 - Don't get caught.

    That's pretty much every cliched mitigating factor under the sun ticked off, apart from "loves his mum".

    Was his statement of regret apology made face to face, or just through his lawyers?

    1. wayward4now

      Re: Rule 1 - Don't get caught.

      The Justice system USUALLY doesn't give a crap about how sorry your are, until it comes to the well-heeled thieves who merely steal lots of money. However ...if you're poor, forgetaboutit. You will go to the slammer, even if you are 80 years old, at death's door and found in possession of a joint.

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