back to article Check Point buys bare-metal security upstart Hyperwise

Check Point has pounced early to buy up stealth-mode security startup Hyperwise, which does sandboxing on the CPU itself rather than in the OS. Financial terms of the deal, announced on Wednesday, were not disclosed. Israel-based Hyperwise’s CPU level threat prevention technology is designed to throttle malware-based attacks …

  1. Robert Helpmann??

    Bare bones, indeed

    This posting was more of a comment than an actual article or story. There are so many questions that it begs to answer.

    Israel-based Hyperwise’s CPU level threat prevention technology is designed to throttle malware-based attacks at birth. What is "CPU level threat prevention technology?" I couldn't find an explanation on the company's web site. I don't recall running into the term before.

    Incorporating Hyperwise’s technology will help Check Point block previously undetected attacks, thereby increasing Check Point’s Threat Emulation malware catch rates. Again, how does that work? What proof is there that this is actually the case?

    Check Point said that the transaction won’t have a material effect on its financial results. Why go through the trouble if it will have no effect? Surely the idea is to have a positive effect, if only in the long term.

    Sorry, John, this is little more than a press release. I would prefer a little more meat on those bones.

    1. obrien

      Re: Bare bones, indeed

      "Check Point Acquires Hyperwise to Deliver Industry’s First CPU Level Threat Prevention Capabilities." -

      First? Really?

  2. JCitizen

    Just a lift up on CheckPoint

    I've been using CheckPoint's Safe@Office UTM appliance for years, and even weathered concerted attacks for some of those periods during 2005 to 2008, where by they were never able to break through, despite some mistakes on my part, which I quickly learned how to mitigate.

    All during this period, I was supplied monthly attack analysis on who, what, and where these attempts were spawned. My top attack IP address put them in China at a military installation, which was also responsible for industrial manufacturing of the veritable AK-47 that was popular in the US as a semi-automatic sporting rifle. I thought this to be a bold attitude, but then it migrated over the years to universities in China, and finally to undefined addresses of commerce ISPs inside China's borders. Now I can't guarantee you will have such an exciting time in the near future - but I have a feeling this is why they (CheckPoint) are attempting to continue to stay on the bleeding edge of security technology.

    I cannot speak for enterprise level companies, but as a small business, I can only say that we were given an edge over some larger businesses in our protection. And this gave us a survival stature, that brought us over the top. I'm not actually saying they had the best tech out there, but they had something a completely clueless small business could make it on, and if only you were aware what was going on, you'd realize just how good it was. It is the lazy or ignorant owners way to a front row security posture.

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