back to article Brother from another: SUSE releases software-defined Ceph

The other Linux distro, SUSE, has made good its Ceph promise. Ceph is an open source, unified, scale-out block, object store and file system, and is used for big data workloads. It competes with Gluster and IBM's proprietary GPFS and is thought to be the most popular open source distributed storage software. Red Hat has made …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not really 1c the way Public Cloud means it...

    If I'm reading this correctly, the subscription for the Ceph software is ~equivalent to 1c/GB/month (it's $5000 per managed 36TB per year; so close enough).


    SUSE Cloud is private cloud running on the customer's own infrastructure, right? So the customer still has to pay for their own disk hardware, the servers/appliances that servers are attached to, FTEs to manage all that including replacing failed disks, power and cooling for all the above, .... There's also some overhead that means the available storage is less than the raw 36TB under management. (Ceph uses erasure coding so it won't be as bad as, say, the 3x of a crude Swift implementation, but still, it's there). So in reality it's going to be a great deal more than 1c/GB/month TCO.

    1. pwl

      Re: Not really 1c the way Public Cloud means it...

      Pricing is based on a server starter pack + capacity model, but can be as low or lower than 0.1c /gb/month for the software component based on the fact you get 4x storage nodes in the basic pack. The higher density your storage servers, the lower the per-gb price.

  2. talk_is_cheap

    Can you please confirm the price

    Other press reports are stating that the cost starts at 0.1 cents per GB/Month rather than 1c per GB/Month.

    .1c vs 1c is rather a large difference for large scale users.

    1. pwl

      Re: Can you please confirm the price

      Press release, which the article didn't point to, is here:

      Right there it says 0.1c/gb/month for the software component.

      Yes you need your own hardware: but the point is it can be *commodity* hardware, and a mix depending on what's best value at the time.

      1. Adam Inistrator

        Re: Can you please confirm the price

        At 1USD/TB/Month or 12USD/TB/Year to hire their software it seems like nothing. or does it require some other cost to get started?

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