back to article Inspired by Linux, Pivotal to open-source bulk of big data suite

Pivotal will make the majority of its big data suite open source, drawing inspiration from the Linux concept. The decision will see “core” code for HAWQ, Greenplum Database and Pivotal GemFire released to anyone who cares to footle with it, but plenty of the footling looks like it will be done by a new group calling itself the …

  1. phil dude

    RMS warned us about this...

    Open source != Free.


  2. Cthugha

    Bye Bye pivotal

  3. Stevie


    The actual 70s maxim was "If you love someone, set them free. If they don't come back, hunt them down and kill them."

    You could read it on about every third T-shirt. I know, for I was there.

    You can't make T-shirt slogans like that any more because people have lost the art of telling the difference between a joke and real life, and live for their daily dose of forced outrage.

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