back to article Big Blue drops a billion dollars to refresh its pig herd's lipstick

Confirming earlier leaks, IBM has decided storage needs to be sold under the software-defined rubric and has given various existing products a Spectrum wash and brush-up; like green-wash but think software-defined. It also plans to invest more than $1bn in its storage software portfolio over the next five years. IBM Systems …

  1. TimBiller

    I always thought Spectrum was green ...

  2. Matt Bucknall

    In my mind, Storage + Spectrum = ZX Microdrive... and we all know how that turned out.

  3. disgruntled yank

    Billion, but for what?

    According to the first paragraph, the Gigabuck is to be invested in the storage portfolio over the next several years. I'm assuming that the make-up application cost a good deal less.

    1. Mark 85

      Re: Billion, but for what?

      It takes money to come up with new logos and then to have a tech go out and change them on the hardware.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Billion, but for what?

        And yet they come up with marketing slides that use the Comic Sans font? Maybe they could have used that billion to retain employees that had a semblance of a clue.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Whoever came up with this "software defined" bollocks needs a good hard punch in the face.

    Same shit, different label.

    As for buying storage software and putting it on any old hardware, remember how much time and money the big companies, like IBM, put into testing the various combinations of software and hardware so they feel confident they can support you. Well, now you're on your own. If it doesn't work on the hardware you've invested in (unless you're so fucking stupid you think that we don't have hardware any more - just "clouds") then tough shit - you're on your own.

    Of course, if they no longer have to qualify the hardware then that's another few thousand people they can get rid of. And if that doesn't work, hey let's just buy back some more shares to make it look like we're not destroying the company.


    1. FrankAlphaXII

      Spoken like someone with first hand experience with IBM mis-management. Instead of being relevant and making products people want, they'll just stick a band-aid/plaster over the business equivalent of a cancerous mole and sell more stuff to Lenovo when that doesn't work out.

      I wonder what the next part to go is, cloudy bullshit or mainframes?

  5. returnofthemus

    What did you expect?

    No need to re-invent the wheel when you already have all the pieces

  6. GitMeMyShootinIrons

    Spectrum instruction manual.

    To start your Spectrum, switch on and enter the following command:

    Load ""

    Then press the play button on the cassette deck....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Spectrum instruction manual.

      When I saw Spectrum Control I did immediately think of rubber keyboards and Kempston joysticks. And I'll continue to do so.

      I wonder if we'll have to tiptoe around the datacentre during boot.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Spectrum Storage incorporates more than 700 patents"

    To me, that says "the barrier to entry is high for the competition, so you'll be locked in"

  8. Sarah Balfour

    A billion…

    …and they STILL produce an infographic using Comic Sans (The Font That Won't Die)…?!

    Still got my Speccy. No longer got a tape player I can hook up to it though. Got a RAMpak, too, though I never did figure out how the damn thing worked (then the connector got rodented, so now it never will).

  9. josh.krischer

    IBM - the SDS leader?

    Currently most of the storage Control Units are based on the x86 processors, same technology as the servers; multi core Intel chips. In fact the multi core is used much more effectively is CU than in servers. Multi-core technology and server virtualization bring some other developments to watch such as the Virtual SAN Appliances (VSAs) or Software Defined Storage SDS) and embedded application on storage control units. The first emulates the server as storage CU, the second using storage CU for applications. SDS is one of the top considerations of IT executives. After selling the x Series to Lenovo, IBM margins on the server hardware are minimal .IBM simply disconnected between the hardware and the control program of almost all storage devices based on x86 platform. It means that the users can use unused or 3rd party servers (or partitions under VMware) to become storage control units, which in many cases can save money. However, it is for the users to deploy servers according to IBM specification and to take responsibility on their availability.

    This step, practically makes IBM the leader in SDS offering such solution for tapes, virtualization, XIV storage and clustered NAS. Not a single other storage vendor is coming close to this palette.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: IBM - the SDS leader?

      You can "lead" in "offerings" as much as you can lead in "patents". If that does not translate itself into money, well, you'll probably see a decline in revenue for, oh I don't know, let's pick a random number such as 11 successive quarters. Innit.

  10. Emperor Mong

    I bet the Mysterons are worried.

  11. Slabfondler

    One beeelion dollars...

    All to attempt to craft a silk purse?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Now that the deathmarch to $20 earnings per share has failed, it looks like Rometty has decided to simply rename the deck chairs on the Titanic rather than rearrange them.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If I was tasked with the unfortunate responsibility of trying to position this to a room full of customers, I would summarily place my badge on the table and walk out.

  14. TheDataRecoverer

    All this talk of Spectrum reminded me of

    For that retro feel :D

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