back to article Flash die supply dry? Not us. We've got a deal with Micron - Seagate

The winds of flash change are gusting strong - Seagate and Micron have signed a strategic agreement concerning next-generation SAS SSDs and strategic NAND supply, initially. Seagate's EVP for electronic solutions, Phil Brace, issued a quote saying: “This agreement enables Seagate to secure a strategic supply of NAND flash …

  1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    Good for whom?

    Good for Seagate, but none of this addresses the basic issue that we are rapidly running out of planetary fab capacity. RAM prices aren't exactly dropping, and flash is being bought in many cases faster than it can be built. The channel will bear the brunt of this, as they struggle to find affordable quality flash and RAM to meet their needs. More fabs, damn it!

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