back to article Evolve: A shoot-em-up full of scary monsters and super creeps

Bursting with more monsters than a Godzilla convention, Evolve is a multiplayer feast that delivers a deadly game of cat-and-mouse between human hunters and monstrous beasts. Turtle Rock's title is a rare kind of game, in that it's entirely reliant upon other players for it to be a worthwhile experience. Evolve Abe, your …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And The DLC?

    No mention of the ridiculous amount of DLC already cut up into several different parcels ensuring that unless you spend upwards of £80 you'll never be able to get a game going.

    The game can fuck right off.

    1. Tenacal

      Re: And The DLC?

      While I'm not on board with this level of DLC, they've not gone totally insane to lock players out of joining each others games.

      Everyone has access to all maps and the DLC will only change what you personally can play. In a game with 3 people who have spent that £80? No problem, you can game just fine with the 'base game' characters.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: And The DLC?

      That's not the worst part: For a quick game, you have to be together with adolescents screaming "I fucked you mum so hard you came out gay!" and people who leave during countdown, rage-quitters, spoilers. laggers and wankers. Like Work, really (except work normally pays *us*).

      I.O.W: The £80 is well worth it if it was for a decent AI that replaced the co-op "experience".

  2. Elmer Phud

    Medic Class

    She should have a woman's beard!

  3. Bucky O' Hare


    Any of those screenshots actual in-game graphics then or what?

    1. AbelSoul

      Re: Screenshots

      I was wondering that myself, although the screenshot with the FP view certainly appears to be.

      1. SolidSquid

        Re: Screenshots

        Watched a couple of lets plays of Evolve and, while the pictures above are probably posed and lit specially as publicity shots, they don't actually deviate away from the in-game graphics much. Don't think there was much in the way of photoshopping the screenshots

  4. Brandon 2

    After being burned by Titan Fall, I will not pay $60 for this title... let alone the DLC. I put 40 hours into the recent Dying Light, and it was $60... well worth the money, but not this. I like the $2 per hour benchmark; anything that exceeds that was well worth it.

  5. tsdadam

    "Bursting with more monsters than a Godzilla convention"

    What, three?

    1. User McUser

      Re: "Bursting with more monsters than a Godzilla convention"

      Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, and Godzuki?

  6. SpaMster

    No mention of the DLC?

    This whole thing wreaks of a paid review. No criticsm for the horrendouse DLC prices or the fact you are locked out of half the game until you drop a furthur $40 on top of the asking price. I think it's current metacritc score says it all. All the major publications have given it rave reviews, and all the user reviews are sub 4/10.

    They should have maybe called this game Deceive instead

  7. Turtle

    Extreme Case.

    Being an inveterate gamer, I like to compare critic reviews with user reviews on both Metacritic and Steam. While not the most severe that I have ever seen, the difference between the critics' opinions and the buyers' opinions for Evolve tends to the extreme.

  8. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Evolving playable monsters?

    Natural Selection had that years ago.

    1. Roo

      Re: Evolving playable monsters?

      I enjoyed some epic games of Natural Selection back in the day, there weren't enough hours in the day ! I really liked how a match could take unexpected turns, it was never the same twice. Seeing expert Fades at work was something else. I wasn't surprised that it didn't catch on though - it wasn't really possible to have a quick blast in the same way as Counterstrike et al, which pretty much eliminated the casual gamer.

      1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

        Re: Roo Re: Evolving playable monsters?

        " wasn't really possible to have a quick blast in the same way as Counterstrike et al, which pretty much eliminated the casual gamer." True, it was a steep and often abusive learning curve! Many a time I saw newbie players as gorges on the alien side build the wrong chamber and get an earful from more experienced players. And I remember hilarious games as a marine when no-one wanted to take responsibility and jump in the commander's chair for a good few minutes after the game started. Ah, happy days! NS2 went the wrong way, IMO, making the aliens use a commander too.

        Evolve could be interesting if it was a team of different purpose aliens (tank, DPRs and medic) against a team of hunters with similar roles, they could even then swap sides at the end of a round. One alien vs four hunters seems a bit meh, TBH.

  9. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    A rare kind of game, really ?

    "Turtle Rock's title is a rare kind of game, in that it's entirely reliant upon other players for it to be a worthwhile experience."

    Oh, so it's just like Call of Duty Online, every Battlefield since number 3, and just about every multiplayer shooter that is being made since five years ago.

    Yup, sounds very rare. Especially since the single-player titles are something that have practically gone extinct since Y2K.

    Could we please cut the marketing drivel ?

  10. mrweekender
    Thumb Down

    Last chance saloon

    Turtle Rock are on their arses, no wonder this is mega pay to play or as it's better known - shit all over your customers. £40 + £20 + £20 + who knows where that's going to end - in a word NO! L4D was genius but this is balls. L4D3 please.

  11. Montague Wanktrollop

    Company name change required

    So am I to understand correctly that DLC meaning DownLoadable Content is being sold as such by Turtle's Head but in fact the content is on the disc already - they've just sliced the game to bits in order to coin it?

    Fuck right off indeed.

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