back to article Acer: We're still a thing! We're still alive. And we are touting 300M shares

Acer wants to become a "hardware + software + services" biz – and issued 300 million shares on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange to fund this strategy and pay down debts. It’s been a challenging couple of years for Acer: a returning demand for PCs will help relieve the pain, although all the crystal ball strokers from Gartner to …

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  2. x 7

    doesn't matter what they make (or try to make) it'll still be crap

    1. Martin

      I've got two Acer Aspire Revo nettops and an Acer Chromebook. I don't think any of them are crap.

  3. Dagg

    I've got an Aspire with a DEAD SSD

    Do you think I can download a recovery image... NO WAY. I will never go near acer again.

  4. ben_myers

    Never made the transition

    Once, Acer made very nice cases, Pentium II motherboards and other pretty basic hardware. Then, they tried to get into the crowded (HP, IBM, etc) system business, but never understood what it takes to provide a respectable level of post-sales support, like spares, repair manuals, user manuals not written in Chinglish, a useful web site, and on and on. They piled it on, buying Gateway, eMachines and the remains of Packard Bell, then trying consumer grade laptops, a VERY crowded arena. Nothing they did ever stood out as something you'd want to buy, except for cheap price and often cheap quality.

    If your Acers work well, be thankful. When they break or need repair, replace with another brand.

    As far as I am concerned, the people who bought the latest stock offering had no clue what they were doing. I do not see long term prospects for Acer, no matter what they say their new and confused vision is.

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