back to article Tesla loses $100 million after Chinese problems

Elon Musk was expecting it, but a little trouble in big China has hit Tesla's bottom line hard. The company lost $107.6m in Q4 2014, up from a loss of $74.7m for the previous quarter. Musk blames this on a weak market in China and delays with getting the new P85D to customers “We built 11,627 vehicles in Q4, thus achieving …

  1. Stuart 22

    Barge (pole) touching ...

    Is Elon sure those wings will bring the wheels safely back to earth? Do you have to check the (real) shipping forecast before you land?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Barge (pole) touching ...

      Indulged in an S. Very satisfied. A great indulgence but there are worse.

      1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

        Re: AC Re: Barge (pole) touching ...

        "Indulged in an S. Very satisfied....." Have to agree, the S is actually exactly what the leccy car market needs, an electric car that actually not only is electric but also a very nice looking luxury car. I have zero interest in the usual butt-ugly, hair-shirt electric cars but the Tesla S is actually comparable with proper luxury cars like those from Mercedes or BMW.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Give it up as a bad job Elon.

    How much of the Earths resources have to be spent to fuel your little ego trip?

    Your cars are like all the plastic shit thats for sale in 'pound' shops, a complete waste of time and money.

    can you please just...............go away?

    1. Tom 13

      Re: Give it up as a bad job Elon.

      Personally I think electric cars are a joke and I expect him to lose his shirt on this particular venture. Fortunately for him, he has several so he can afford to lose a few.


      I don't begrudge him the effort to make it work. It's HIS money, not mine. He earned it. Who knows, he might be right, I might be wrong. If he is, and he makes it truly economical (not workable because politicians have fiddled with electric car economics) we all win.

      1. Matt_Lohr

        Re: Give it up as a bad job Elon.

        Except it's not his money; it's mine. Tesla benefits from loans, subsidies, and tax credits in the United States. Pick your politically-biased news source:

        Or get it from the source:

  3. Old Handle

    Big numbers are funny. Coming up $100M short really bad. But their explanation of delays in delivering 1,400 cars sounds perfectly reasonable. And those cars have an MSRP of $70,000 which, sure enough works out to just about $100M.

  4. Alistair

    @AC "Give it up"

    I note the anon. Says much.

    No, they *aren't* like the cheap tat in dollar stores. You might not like what they suggest, but when Tesla does get their prices down to levels where JQP can rationalize buying one, they *will* sell - sadly, even the "Big Three" in north america make cars that are more like the dollar store crap to which you refer. BMW and Audi/VW/Porche are following down the same path, and its all coming out crap. Having just allowed them to lie about yet MORE fuel consumption values, expect to hear about 80Mpg highway ratings from that lot soon. Not that you'll ever see a 300 mile, downhill, tailwind assisted drive.

    1. big_D Silver badge

      Re: @AC "Give it up"

      I had a 1991 Passat 2L CL petrol engine. Over 120,000 miles in 2.5 years I managed and average of 58mpg (fuel reciepts, not just onboard computer).

      Hopefully their modern engines are even more efficient...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        average of 58mpg


  5. montyburns56

    Best excuse evah!

    "customers being on vacation"

    Is that a business equivalent of "the dog ate my homework"?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Best excuse evah!

      "customers being on vacation"

      equivalent of telling the rent collector "mum isn't home to pay you today"

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Non-GAAP accounting is a red flag

    Tesla has major red ink no matter how you manipulate the numbers. Their desire to use non-GAAP accounting to make the numbers look better couldn't conceal their problems.

  7. CJ_in_AZ

    Pwerball Lottery

    Wish I'd've had a winning ticket in last night's PowerBall lottery (>$500million jackpot) -- then I could have afforded a Tesla. Only had one number right (out of 6). Oh well, guess I'll keep driving the Dodge Dart.

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