back to article Ex-Microsoft open source plan man lands top Cloud Foundry job

Sam Ramji has been named chief executive of Cloud Foundry Foundation, to shepherd the open-source platform cloud effort. Ramji shot to prominence as the architect of Microsoft’s open-source strategy in the 2000s, having been handed Redmond’s radioactive "relations with the community" by his bosses. Ramji's efforts went a long …

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    man likes a challenge

    >captain project and community, bringing together interests of more than 39 of the industry’s biggest players.

    >Cloud Foundry Foundation’s members span EMC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel SAP and Canonical.

    Wow I would almost rather try to sell how much Microsoft loves open source than be responsible for getting those companies to produce something collaboratively that is not a total charlie foxtrot. The key is to only take inputs from engineers and not management or marketing of those companies (other than giving their due lip service to make them feel important).

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