back to article Gov.UK tells Londoners: You too can cash in on the 'sharing economy'

London residents will soon be able to enter the so-called "sharing economy", under changes to the law allowing them to use websites such as Airbnb without the fear of a £20,000 fine. In the rest of the country, residents are able to let out their homes for short periods. But in London, under Section 25 of the Greater London …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Something tells me...

    ...this is aimed at all the foreigner nationals, buying up stock and then just renting it out, whilst claiming they live here to scam some taxes.

    I doubt they will give a toss and ignore the law anyway.

    1. sugerbear

      Re: Something tells me...

      Something tells me you are spot on.

    2. codejunky Silver badge

      Re: Something tells me...

      Those damn foreigners. We dont mind them taking up our low wage/low skill jobs but damn them to hell if they dare want to invest their money here! We dont mind them putting up the houses but buying them! The cheek! The nerve! The only good foreigner is a poor foreigner who cant afford a house so we can rent it to groups of them at a time while they labour away doing the jobs too low for us. Of course when they buy our houses and rent them to us it shatters this little world we have where we are king.

      What is this world coming to? And of that view I am sure they dont give a toss.

      1. knarf

        Re: Something tells me...

        No you will find the its the RICH foreigners buying up all the London pads, they don't pay tax..... OK they do but its capped to £30K a year.

        1. codejunky Silver badge

          Re: Something tells me...

          @ knarf

          If for some reason your post is a response to mine, please re-read. I am mocking them for their argument against foreigners or at least foreign investment.

  2. knarf

    Short Un-Assured Tenancy

    So how does the 90 day rule get policed, oh I see it doesn't.

    How to create more misery for the poor.

  3. BillDarblay

    This country pretends to be a free market capitalist state

    but it is not.

    The cronies are above the law but the plebs most certainly are not.

    This is why you cannot legally sell a raspberry pi freepbx with a 3G dongle

    Still the plebs seem quite happy as long as they have Strictly and sit alone drinking cheap supermarket booze.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Isn't it wonderful?

    Seems that In the new jobless, sharing economy we can now charge people for rides AND rent our spare rooms to help make ends meet.

    Jolly decent of them.

    What next? How about zero hour contracts for politicians and civil servants? I'd vote for that.

    1. smartypants

      Re: Isn't it wonderful?

      It would be more wonderful if:

      1) An MP was only allowed to have one job (MP)

      2) That job was paid the average UK wage.

      3) They had to live where they're the MP.

      That would focus their minds on what would make Britain a nicer place to live.

      Even the 'socialist' leaders these days are millionaires living in the posh places and sending their kids to private schools, using private health and generally avoiding the plebs like me.

      I thank my overlords for this crumb though.

      1. Tom 38

        Re: Isn't it wonderful?

        It would be more wonderful if:

        1) An MP was only allowed to have one job (MP)

        2) That job was paid the average UK wage.

        3) They had to live where they're the MP.

        4) They make up the rest with graft?

        In one single blow, you'd make it so that the only people who were MPs were those who are solely interested in power and exploiting that power.

        Besides which, who becomes an MP for the wealth? Most of those coming from outside of politics would have taken a pay cut when elected as an MP.

  5. swampdog


    Saw my 1st cockroach in a takeaway. Worked there, summer job. Saw many others.

  6. hplasm

    Let the right one in...

    It's not burglary, is it, if you invite them in and they nick off with all your stuff?

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