back to article Qualcomm, China shake hands, all is forgiven – if Qualcomm pays $975m

Qualcomm says that although it is "disappointed" that China has slapped it with nearly $1bn in penalties for alleged antitrust violations, it plans to pay the fine and move on. The California mobile chipmaker said in a press release [PDF] on Monday that the PRC government has fined it 6.088 billion Chinese yuan renminbi, or …

  1. Chronos


    So when does Mediatek gets its wrists slapped for GPL violations and being about as transparent as a black hole? Oh, wait, I suspect that'll be "never" since they're home grown rather than being bourgeois Americans.

    I haven't forgotten Allwinner, either. So when do we get those kernel sources, lads?

    Bloody cheek...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    China & Chronos.

    That's rich Chronos. If we're bourgeois what does that make you fucks?

    Great, China cheats and commits just about any type of crime imaginable, and we now have to pay them. New world order shit I guess.

    1. Chronos
      Thumb Up

      Re: China & Chronos.

      awood-something_or_other wrote: That's rich Chronos. If we're bourgeois what does that make you fucks?

      I don't really mind being a fuck. As George Carlin said, in this context fuck is a synonym for fellow. Who's the British fuck? Chronos. Chronos is the British fuck.

      Actually, I was using the term ironically. Epithets like "bourgeois" are used by people who, if they're honest, are just a little bit jealous of your lifestyle. Rejoice in it. In case you missed it, Mediatek and Allwinner are Chinese fabless SoC houses. They both flout the GPL and refuse to release sources, which is why I said this is a bloody cheek. Say what you like about Qualcomm, at least they play the game, which is why we have CynaogenMod for many Qualcomm equipped handsets. How many Mediatek 'phones have Cyanogen? Oh yes, none. No source.

      So, you see, I wasn't having a go at our Leftpondian friends at all. Apart from your propensity for driving on the wrong side of the road, you're really fairly decent folk.

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