back to article Big data, come to BIG DADDY: HDS gobbles upstart Pentaho

Hitachi Data Systems is snapping up Pentaho for its big data integration and predictive analysis technology. Here's a quick look at Pentaho's history: Oct 2004: Founded by Doug Moran, James Dixon (CTO), Richard Daley (chief strategy officer) and Marc Batchelor (chief engineer) 2005: $5m A-round 2006: $8m B-round 2008: $ …

  1. Don.D

    Not sure it is a smart move on Hitachi side.

    I am really wondering if that is a smart move. Indeed, Pentaho might look attractive for someone who is not working with the tool on the daily basis. But once you get to know the suite a bit better, the quantity of bugs and nonexistent support from Pentaho turns one's life in daily survival. So would be interesting how HDS is planning to address that. In it's present form Pentaho is hardly a foundation to build one's business on.

    1. Tom Samplonius

      Re: Not sure it is a smart move on Hitachi side.

      "...the quantity of bugs and nonexistent support..."

      Well, at $14,000 per server license costs, Pentaho is not the cheapest (but it includes all features; there is no feature licensing), and the support is there.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    or csh problems

    Maybe they should have used bash.

  3. frank fegert

    Recently, there was a nice and - besides the pronounciation confusion - interesting podcast on FLOSS Weekly featuring Pentaho:

  4. strum

    Serious question

    Is there any evidence yet that Big Data is anything more than just, well, big?

    Has anyone found a needle in that haystack?

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