back to article Not just Imation's imagination: That sinking feeling is real

Imation has turned in another quarter of revenue decline and losses and a full year of shrinking revenues. Its management is talking about strategic options and unlocking value with a financial advisor – which sometimes means selling off non-performing assets, though we couldn't say it does in this case. Let's get the numbers …

  1. John 104


    I looked to see what they even sold these days. Looks like the same idea in a different package that they used to sell. Craptastic proprietary direct attached storage solutions. And LTO tapes. Wow. No wonder they can't make a profit.

  2. Mark 85 Silver badge


    Let's see how this plays:

    "unlocking value".. hmm.. the board and C-suiter's want to cash in their stock options and make a clean getaway before the price dumps.

    "to review and explore certain strategic options to maximise the value of each business unit".

    We'll dump the losers and put a few people we don't like in charge of them. They get to command the sinking ship.

    " "enhancing" the independence of each business unit " Yep.. dump them over he side. There's gotta' be some suckers who will buy them.

    Seems lately that there's been a lot of stories with these same lines and little, if any substance. Then in a few months, there's a story telling of what they dumped, who got the big bonuses, the end of the line as the high ups bailed for a bigger and better deal. Sad.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Turned down a job offer from them 8 months ago, quite glad I did now...

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