back to article TalkTalk may begin making 'Three style' low-cost mobile moves

As Telefonica looks to sell its O2 UK outfit to Hutchison Three, it is also supporting two mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) deals which are adding to the quadplay mayhem of the UK market. BSkyB and TalkTalk both have their virtual mobile services hosted by O2, and both will be harnessing these, while also investing in Wi …

  1. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    Calling OFCOM?

    BT will look for considerable extra benefits [with] deep integration of its wireline and wireless assets

    So the biggest telco in the UK (already under "scrutiny" by OFCOM) is going to merge its systems with the UK's largest(?) mobile operator and use its combined size to drive down costs.

    Nope, no competition problems here...

  2. James 51

    I had sky but just didn't watch enough to justify paying for the TV part. With the likes of amazon and netflix fast, reliable broadband is what would tempt me to switch providers. Of course living in a relatively new town only BT have any sort of infrastructure round here so everyone is piggybacking on them. Sky is incredibly slow as they have over 95% of the market share here. Switching to BT did help.

  3. Robert Ramsay

    I just hope the poor fucker in the picture got paid loads for having to do that pose :-/

  4. Nifty Silver badge

    For a moment I thought the article was going to be about "TalkTalk may begin making 'Three style' low-cost mobile moves"

  5. kmac499

    QuadPlay ???

    Is that where young aristo types run around the College Playground before the bell goes for dinner and oik bashing ???

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