back to article Swap your keyless key for keyless key-less key. You'll need: a Tesla S and Apple Watch

An experiment to control a Tesla Model S using an Apple Watch has been documented by UK/Ukrainian global technology company and developer Eleks. With the Eleks app you can mimic the functions of the Tesla keyless key. This effectively allows you to used your Cupertino Watch as a keyless key-less, er, key, with which you may …

  1. FF22

    I'll just wait

    Nah, thanks. I'll just wait till they invent a keyless key-less key--less entry system. Or key. Less.

  2. nematoad Silver badge

    One good feature

    The fact that you can use this gizmo to find your car is a good one. Hunt the Mini no more!

    The rest? No thanks, I'll stck to my funny shaped pieces of metal.

    1. DiViDeD

      Re: One good feature

      Funnily enough, my cheap Chinese SUV already has a keyless key already has a button on the ..erm.. key(less) thingy which flashes the lights and sounds the horn, so that people of my limited attention span no longer have to go home from the shopping centre by bus (even works between floors as I discovered a couple of weeks back).

      If I strap it to my wrist, can I claim prior art?

      1. Khaptain

        Re: One good feature

        "If I strap it to my wrist, can I claim prior art?"

        Better yet, keep it in your pocket and call it a "pocket watch key".

        And to top it off you probably don't have to charge yours up anymore than once every three years.

    2. Lionel Baden

      Re: One good feature

      Im sorry,

      But everybody loosing their cars I just cant understand ..

      If i had a Tesla model S that cost me £50,000 I would kind of remember where i left it .....

      Seriously people your misplacing £50,000 Wow just wow

      1. Sarah Balfour

        Re: One good feature

        "Loosing"…?! Oh dear…

  3. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Whose Tesla does it open?

    1. Chris G Silver badge

      "Whose Tesla does it open?"

      Exactly what I was thinking:

      "It also shows the vehicle's state of charge, if it is charging, as well as its temperature – AND WHERE THE CAR IS PARKED."

      After an iThing owner has purloined it.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        Obviously it needs to be set up in some secure manner with the Tesla, you won't be able to input the license plate number, the VIN number or other publicly available data and have it tell you where that Tesla is!

  4. mikeyw0

    Tesla do not publish any API and certainly don't support third party app developers. Third party apps that connect to TM's servers do so through reverse engineering of the protocols and retrieval of access tokens by decompiling the official android app.

    One very popular app has recently been broken by changes to TM's API and the guy who wrote it has decided it's not worth maintaining it any further.

    This watch app is cute but it's 100% vaporware. Nobody will be able to build an app with remote ignition start in it without Tesla's support.

    FTR the ability to locate, unlock and remote start the car is in the current iPhone app. You need to re-enter your Tesla password before the car will start.

    Also remote unlock/start is an emergency use feature, not a replacement for carring the key. For a start it only works if the car has decent 3G signal. If you try to use this to replace the keyfob then the first time you park it in an underground car park (or indeed anywhere in Suffolk) you are screwed.

  5. Mage Silver badge
    Black Helicopters


    So how long till there is an app on <insert device of choice> that opens any keyless <insert desired make & model>?

  6. Dan Paul

    Crazy and worrying

    The whole concept of "keyless" auto's is crazy as a loon. Landrovers are almost uninsurable because it is so easy to steal the entry info and the car. If it is possible to make an iPhone unlock a Tesla, what else can one do with it?

    Man in the middle attacks are able to get keycodes from fobs for many vehicles now and since smartphones are even more powerful it will just be a matter of time before some unscrupulous programmer makes an "app" that automatically filches the data from any car for later use.

    Expect higher insurance premiums and less coverage as a result of the "convenience".

    1. Haku

      Re: Crazy and worrying

      Well, you could always upgrade the lock system...

      1. Chris G Silver badge

        Re: Crazy and worrying

        Haku an up vote for that. I had an old series II in the 80s, after having some plonker run a knife through the tilt I got a van back from a scrapyard but the crappy old single edged keys were so useless I put bolts inside the back door and passenger door and a hasp and staple with a padlock on the drivers door to stop anyone stealing my tools.

        On an old Landy it doesn't look the least bit out of place.

    2. kiwimuso

      Re: Crazy and worrying


      I have often wondered what the benefit was of a keyless car, and what's NOT convenient about carrying a physical key?

      I have never had a mechanical key fail. I've misplaced them, yes, but while it's in my possession it just works.

  7. Oldfogey

    Stupid and Irritating

    A while back I was given a "courtesy car" that had keyless entry. I parked it on the drive against the house.

    Every time I walked past that window it unlocked... flashed its lights and beeped.

    Every time I walked away it locked .... flashed its lights and beeped.

    I was glad to get rid of it!

    The remote is in one of these pockets.....

    1. Mark 65

      Re: Stupid and Irritating

      That seems like a particularly poor implementation. I have a keyless entry vehicle (hard not to these days) and it is at least smart enough to only unlock the vehicle when you access one of the front passenger door handles. It also locks via touching part of one of these two door handles. It is also quite tight on the proximity aspect as well.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    These amazing super duper cars that open from your super amazing ,state of the art smart phone.....what happens when the phone battery is flat?

    1. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

      That's easy...

      I can just imagine the engineers going to the marketing drones who came up with "unlock by phone" with this little gem, only to be told "Don't worry we can chuck a 2 quid USB charger in with the purchase price. Make it a freebie. Our customers can charge their phone then they're able to unlock the doors. Why are you looking at me like that!?! It's flawless!"

    2. Adam 1

      Easy, there's a USB port in the dash. Open the door, plug it in and it will start to draw power. This should provide enough charge to fire up the phone. You can then launch the app, open the door, plug it in and it will start to draw power. This should provide enough charge to fire up the phone. You can then launch the app, open the door........ Stack overflow

  9. Cuddles Silver badge

    An experiment to control PR

    So it's an app written for a watch that they didn't actually have or test it on, in order to carry out various functions on a car that they didn't have or test it on. And said watch would not actually have done anything other than connect to a phone even in the hypothetical situation where both the watch and car actually existed. I would call this the most pointless "experiment" ever devised, but it got their name in the news associated with two popular companies, so I guess it accomplished everything it was supposed to.

  10. Firvulag

    What could go wrong

    So these manufacturers have never had batteries in their products catch fire or run out ????? - a match made in hell

  11. Pez92

    What problem is keyless entry even addressing

    I could see it being helpful for a lady or man-purse enthusiast who has their keys buried at the bottom of their bag, but taking out my phone from my pocket, unlocking it, opening an app, unlocking that, and pressing a button seems far less convenient than reaching into my pocket and grabbing my keys.

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