back to article Forget Norks, Russian hackers are in Sony Pictures' servers – claim

There's a new twist in the already tangled tale of the Sony Pictures mega-hack: it's now claimed Russians possibly broke into the company's computers. Miscreants in the Putin-led nation comprehensively compromised the Hollywood studio's servers, and were responsible for most of the damage against its systems, reckons Jeffrey …

  1. William Donelson

    Claims and counter-claims. Disinformation abounds. The Register should know better.

  2. Busby

    Whom to believe the various FBI & NSA bods that have came forward and insisted if we could see the intelligence they have access to showing its the Nork's, or the random hacker spouting shite on the internet saying the Russians are coming the Russians are coming?

    In my opinion its the random Russian/Ukrainian guy on the net, not because its more likely just at this point we have to assume he/she is more plausible than any US Gov mouthpiece.

    1. Ole Juul

      Too late

      I bet the "FBI & NSA bods" wished they had chosen the Russian connection now. After all, since they can never reveal any proof, they can chose any story that suits them - and they do.

      1. Pu02

        Re: Too late

        ... except that a Russian angle cannot suit them better than blaming the Norks, as all the mainstream media, the BBC and the NY, etc. are all still reporting it was the Norks days after this story on el Reg. After all, only the Norks and Diesh are skilled enough to do this kind of advanced hacking.

  3. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Je suis Sony!

    Now that the US is gearing up to send small arms and Javelin missiles to our Wolfsangel-decorated newfound but discombobulated ukrainian friends to counter "russian agression", the Sony hack MUST ACTUALLY HAVE BEEN PUTIN!

    Holy damn, there are not enough random events to hang onto Norks, Putin, Iranians, ISIS, Chinese, Ghaddafi types, whistleblowers and other enemies-du-jour.

    WHAT DO! !

    Well, the CIA is pretty good in false flag operations and Radio Gleiwitz-like events. Have at it!

    1. Stuart 22 Silver badge

      Re: Je suis Sony!

      The answer is obvious:

      * NORK hacked Sony

      * CIA/NSA hacked NORK

      * FSB hacked CIA/NSA

      It's called data sharing. The only other alternative is that all of the above outsource their hacking to the same contractor. A contractor who will bill three clients for the same job? Centrica - where are you when we need you ;-)

      1. herman Silver badge
        Big Brother

        Re: Je suis Sony!

        Seven eyes data sharing - the usual five plus NK and Russia.

  4. Captain DaFt

    "Carr claims he has seen...

    This, he says, is evidence "

    Nope, not evidence until the claim has been verified, otherwise it's just 'he said'.

    1. Eddy Ito

      wait, I missed the whole 'she said' portion. WTF is going on??

  5. goldcd

    I think we need a new mechanism to identify who broke in.

    "I didn't"

    Anybody else?.... anybody?

    1. frank ly

      Re: I think we need a new mechanism to identify who broke in.

      I'm not allowed to tell you about my (lack of) involvement.

  6. Mark 85 Silver badge


    Let's see... some rogue group (GOP), the NORK's, and now the Russians? Who gets blame next? China? Iran? Syria? or a country that someone high feels like blaming?

    The part that bothers me here as to the factuality of this is that the guy is Ukrainian (allegedly) and might be just be tossing red herrings about.

  7. publius

    Rather more likely

    that these newly leaked items were bought and paid for over the undernet. No doubt, lots of extortion activity behind all of this.

  8. Mark 65

    I've never understood the soapbox shouted logic of "X has a previously unreleased file from the hack of Y therefore they must have been involved", it simply doesn't make any sense. That you have a previously unreleased file proves that you simply have possession of a previously (publicly) unreleased file, not how you came to have it.

    Could you own (legally or via hacking) a machine that was used in the exfiltration?

    Could you have gotten it from a friend of a friend of....someone loosely connected to the hacker that is a total braggard and wants to big-up themselves?

    There are many possibilities.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Change of Plan - Back to the Cold War

    So instead of desiring to bomb NK, focus is now moving over to the Ukraine/Russia.

    FFS make your minds up.. ( And we are supposed to trust these people with running the government)..

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Change of Plan - Back to the Cold War

      what gave you the idea that we trust them, I'm sure they would say we should do so.

  10. Christian Berger

    Attribution is hard

    There is no even slightly sensible way to do attribution. Sure you can find out the country an IP-address is hosted at and you can find out who pays for it. This doesn't mean they are the culprit. Sure you can compile your software on a machine with Chinese locales set, but that doesn't mean you are Chinese. (apparently most laptops in North Korea run pirated Chinese Windows XP)

    Those are all things that can even be done by a disgruntled employee, let alone some larger organisation which can put in a couple of man weeks into disguising their identity.

    So it's unlikely we will ever find out what exactly happened there.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Attribution is hard

      "Sure you can find out the country an IP-address is hosted at and you can find out who pays for it. This doesn't mean they are the culprit."

      But it's convenient to blame China for hacking when they're mainly guilty of having a shitload of civilian-owned poorly secured computers (mainly a consequence of using pirated copies of windows)

      Hacking crews are multinational. Whilst I have my doubts about the Norks being involved in the Sony breakin, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that the rest of the theories are _all_ true (disgruntled ex-employees, hacking groups comprising various nationalities, etc. FWIW the most sucessful ones tended to come from Ukraine, Romania and Israel, whilst the most vindictive tended to be american)

      As others have pointed out, this wouldn't have happened if Sony hadn't been lax with their security in the first place.

  11. james 68

    Elephant in the room.

    So the feds say that NK did the hacking to try and stop the release of that movie about their glorious leader (I can't remember it's name and I frankly do not care).

    That being the case, why then did they distribute the very movie they were trying to stop all over torrent sites for people see it anyway? Which would presumably lead to their unpleasant executions?

    A curious thing for them to do....... or rather it would be a curious thing for them to do if they were actually NKs. Or are the feds perhaps tweaking evidence again à la Iraq war documents?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The FBI Director must have been cringing with embarrassment..

    ...when someone pointed out his glaring mistake about his previous accusation that the Norks had hacked and pulled off over 100TB of data ( a feat that would have taken years at todays fastest rates)

    Especially since NK are a third world country and not exactly renowned for being a known area for Hackers.

    So now to save his ass they are trying to pin it on Russia instead.


    1. herman Silver badge

      Re: The FBI Director must have been cringing with embarrassment..

      Exactly. The Norks could not possibly have downloaded all that data over their national AOL dial-up modem account.

      1. YetAnotherLocksmith

        Re: The FBI Director must have been cringing with embarrassment..

        I pointed that out at the time, but no one listened.

        At the total bandwidth available to NK at the time, it would have taken over 3 months continuous to pull the first load of released data. Seems unlikely, to say the least. And then it's revealed that they stole terabytes more! It's just not physically possible.

  13. Elmer Phud

    Blame Game

    T'was the Norks!

    Nay, t'was the Russkies!

    Bollocks - it was SONY leaving stable doors open.

    This idea of pointing the finger at those who went in to Sony is shite. Sony created the problem - and, considering its model is now based on getting subs on servers they ought to be well and truly spanked.

    But, it's far, far eaiser to point to the playground and say 'Big boys came and took my pocket money'.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The real issue is not who dun it, but that it did happen and could have happened to numerus other organisations, in many cases with far more serious cosequences.

    The connected world is fraught with risk, though too many seem to be in denial.

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