back to article Parts for Brit proto-mainframe EDSAC show up in USA

Original parts from the British proto-mainframe EDSAC have been found in the USA, boosting the project that aims to restore the computer to working order. The UK's National Computing Museum is keen to reboot EDSAC because it is was an early British effort at creating a commercial computer, and spawned the LEO range considered …

  1. Alister

    Even if not directly re-usable, this at least gives the restorers a real prototype to follow, which is always better than just following the engineering diagrams: it will show exactly how the original was put together in practice, where workarounds and shortcuts may have been taken to translate the plans into reality.

  2. ukgnome


    Where other news sources have a picture of the 'shelf' I note that it is apparently missing from this article.

    1. 2+2=5 Silver badge

      Re: Hmm

      The picture I'm seeing* is of a photo of said machine projected onto an old sheet hanging up in a dusty room. It looks like a Victorian-era photo of some bizarre steampunk seance.

      * Remember that El Reg is doing A/B testing at the moment

      1. Andy Taylor

        Re: Hmm

        That's a picture from the official launch event. A large gauze was hung in front of the EDSAC rebuild and a photo of the original was projected onto it. The gauze dropped to reveal the rebuild.

        There's a video here, the unveiling is at 2'50"

  3. earl grey


    So, they're turning up a new power plan to run this baby?

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