back to article Tintri smooching VMware’s VVOLs, vIO and vROPs

Tintri loves its hybrid arrays working with VMware and is enthusiastically supporing VMware’s latest vSphere version 6 announcements. In this vSphere 6 love-fest Tintri’s VMstore hybrid arrays; Support vSphere v6.0 Support the VVOL (Virtual Volumes) APIs Integrate with the vROPs management tool suite Supports VMware …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    VVOLS? No thanks...I've been fed enough BS from my storage vendors.

    VVols are going to be a mess. Trying to decide what storage to buy is tough enough without storage vendors all throwing FUD and false marketing around about what limited functionality they have with VMware. VVOLs might get slightly better integration but I'm not looking forward to waiting another 2 years to see what companies are able to do with it. This is just gonna make for more futures and vendors over-promising and under-delivering. At least Tintri has all this functionality(and then some) natively and doesnt further tie you to VMware since it works just as well with other hypervisors.

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