back to article Six-starved storage bods rush to support vSphere and VVOLs

VMware’s storage interface dominance over hardware and software storage suppliers has never been more evident than in the rush by storage firms to support its v6.0 vSphere and Virtual SAN products announced yesterday. Virtual SAN v6 adds features that storage array and software suppliers are keen to support such as: All- …

  1. spam 1

    Why Flash Array

    It looks like there is no need to buy an external AFA array for VMware use cases. Correct me if I am wrong ?

    1. thegreatsatan

      Re: Why Flash Array

      Sure, I'll trust my enterprise to a version 1.0 product.

      1. spam 1

        Re: Why Flash Array

        This is the second version correct ? With over 1000 customers .

    2. Nate Amsden Silver badge

      Re: Why Flash Array

      If you have to ask the question there's probably not much point in having a discussion, but it all comes down to maturity, trust, track record, predictability.

      Back when I first dipped my toes in storage about 8 years ago I would of asked the question you asked.

      Since then I have learned a significant amount. The biggest one is to be more conservative when it comes to storage technology, which has in part led to having 100% storage uptime over just over the past 3 years since my company moved out of a public cloud provider(includes hw/sw upgrades, controller and disk failures etc).

  2. russtystorage

    I believe you are mis-understanding either VVols or this article. Unfortunately, VMware is complicating VVol's by conflating their VSAN offering with VVols. While VMware VSAN storage is a 2.0 product and does also support VVols, VVols are completely independent of VSAN.

    That is, most people will have an external storage system and use VVols, all without a hint of VSAN to be found. Some will use VSAN and will use VVol's with their VSAN, but these are all separate choices.

    So yes, there remain plenty of reasons to purchase external storage, spinning, hybrid and all flash.

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