back to article Opticomm wants peer relationship with NBN Co

Fibre infrastructure provider Opticomm is hoping the federal government will help it push NBN Co into standardising its retail service provider interfaces. Th company, which specialises in building fibre networks in greenfields housing developments, recently upgraded its core network, anticipating customer growth in the wake …

  1. j.p

    NBNCo Ridiculous Contractor arrangements dont help

    A friend's company in Brisbane does work for NBNCo via ISGM and previously Theiss.

    Theiss reportedly have shoddy business practices around preferential treatment for some, not caring about environmental compliance (such as dumping vac truck slag in non-designated dumps), and paying absurdly low rates for the nigh-impossible to comply with asbestos regulation. These factors make it unprofitable to do asbestos, but all of the non-asbestos work has been favouritismed off to preferred contractors...

    Maybe i'm out of touch with how private industry operates, but it doesn't seem like NBNCo's main contractor has the project's best interests (getting the job done) in mind. Their profit motives have them overlooking shoddy operators, and their pricing models encourage sub contractors to further cut corners in order to be profitable, at the expense of compliant competitors, and environmental sustainability.

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