back to article Buying PCs, any boxes, servers, software? Based in UK? ACT NOW

Procurement professionals of Britain must get ready for blanket price hikes of up to 10 per cent as rising component costs get passed down the supply chain by tech makers. A bunch of vendors confirmed the cost on the box – whether it be PCs, servers or networking gear – is set to rise on the back of a surge in the value of the …

  1. banjomike

    hanging in the balance ??

    The Bank of England interest rate rise is hardly hanging in the balance. The 'bankers' seem to have forgotten how to do anything. If the only thing protecting the UK from price rises in computer hardware & software (or anything else) then we are totally stuffed.

  2. P. Lee

    Protecting the UK from price rises?

    Not possible.

    Does no-one know what "quantitative easing" means?

    If you buy your kit now, you can sell it again shortly and make 10% because your money will be worth less. Talk to the Germans, they used to do the same thing with bread.

    History, repetition, condemned people etc.

  3. Tromos

    Correct me if I'm wrong

    I don't remember getting a 10% drop in prices when things went the other way.

    1. Peter Higgins 1

      Re: Correct me if I'm wrong

      and correct me if I'm wrong

      aren't prices in the UK set at the same number in pounds as the US price in dollars

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