Remote control table lamps - any suggestions?

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  1. Kubla Cant Silver badge

    Remote control table lamps - any suggestions?

    I keep reading about remote control lighting, but I never seem to see a solution to what I imagine must be a common requirement.

    Most rooms in my house are illuminated by a combination of a central ceiling light and several table lamps. For most purposes, the table lamps provide the better lighting scheme, so it's normal to enter a room, switch on the ceiling light, go round turning on the table lamps, then switch off the ceiling light. There are a couple of rooms where I've installed a 5A lighting circuit controlled by the wall switch at the door. This is an excellent arrangement, but one major rewire per house is more than enough, so I can't replicate it in other rooms.

    Enter wireless lighting control. What I'm looking for is a wall-switch transmitter that can be fitted in the switch box, and a set of receivers that will fit between the 13A socket and a table lamp. Ideally these would replace the 13A plug top - fitting a receiver into the lampholder is a less satisfactory solution. Obviously there must be some kind of pairing so that the switch doesn't control every lamp in the house.

    What I'm not looking for includes the following. Multi-colour, flashing, or other novelty lighting, which I reserve for the Christmas tree. Any kind of TV-style remote control - the wall switch is the place to control the lighting, and I have too many remotes already. The ability to switch on lamps selectively or to dim lamps.

  2. masonbrown

    Have you tried the Smarthome website. They provide remote lighting solutions which I think would be suitable for your needs. If not, then its better to go for a local professional as you can get it done by your way. Moreover, try some floor & table lamps at for your remote lighting use, they are pretty well at that.

    1. Kubla Cant Silver badge

      Thanks @masonbrown, but both these seem to be US sites, and I'm in the UK (hence the reference to 13A sockets).

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