back to article BURIED: Oz gov won't reveal telcos' guess at data retention costs

Australian federal government data retention plans remain in disarray, with the parliamentary committee investigating the legislation being told that the government is not going to had over the costings it's received from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which asked telcos to provide them on Christmas Eve. In what Australian …

  1. jake Silver badge

    Once again ...

    ... The Australian Government demonstrates for the rest of the planet just exactly why politics and computer technology don't mix.

    1. Steve Brooks

      Re: Once again ...

      Only got to look to the House of Lords to see that it seems to be an almost universal affliction.

      1. Thorne

        Re: Once again ...

        Perhaps because the government is full of old luddites sponsored by large companies.......

  2. dan1980

    "Australian federal government data retention plans remain in disarray . . ."

    If only that meant that it wasn't going to be passed.

    The point is that the Coalition want to pass it and Labor want to pass it. They don't need to listen to the people or experts or reason. They can pass it and they will pass it and they will continue to simply brush off any criticisms meet calls for clarification with silence of misinformation.

  3. LaeMing

    If only that headline stopped after the third word!

  4. DavidRa

    And it's been confirmed useless anyway

    Yes, you read that right - the government has admitted that overseas service providers, cafes and many other organisation types won't be required to store any metadata nor make what they do store available without a warrant.

    So if you want to continue your nefarious plans, you have to ... make sure you don't use your ISP email, and log on to your account at Starbucks et al (or at work).

    This needs the "Genius" meme applied liberally. Or perhaps the heavy-handed and repeated application of a hammer to the privates of each person proposing it.

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