back to article Undead nights: Zombie FPS Dying Light shines bright

Dying Light is set in the devastated city of Harran, Turkey, and my first impression on hitting the ground, as freelance operative Kyle Crane, is that I’m trapped in some zombie-infested remake of American Sniper but with graffiti that seems more of a nod to the latest issue of Charlie Hebdo. Did you, like me, find the thought …

  1. Stuart Elliott
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    Good zombie game for a change

    Been playing it on PC for last few days, still only about 20% through the campaign, and for a change, I'm a bit nervous while playing it, especially in night-mode (playing at night too), trying to avoid the patrol minions, it's a "little" bit Far-Cry'ish with all "tower climbing", but it's not that as big a component as in Far Cry or Assassins Creed thankfully.

    Well worth playing if you turn off motion blur, which is a bit overkill for my liking, and needs tweaking imo.

    1. Halfmad

      Re: Good zombie game for a change

      I've been enjoying it a lot, turn down draw distance and you'll see a good FPS boost, not sure what the setting does but it certainly doesn't seem to affect draw distance much!

      Mostly playing on coop when I can, which adds an entirely new level of mayhem to the game as friends pull aggro from zombies and night becomes far less scary, but far more active as you purposely begin setting off traps etc to get into some enormous fights!

  2. MJI Silver badge


    Just looked up the voice actors. Ezio Wheatly and a Grand Theft Auto character.

    I hope he doesn't sound like Ezio as I once completely screwed up on a Desmond section as when he was climbing, he talked and I used the same buttons as Uncharted 2 (same voice actor).

  3. Grifter


    Linux =)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I quite liked Dead Island - but only with friends, it's a very silly game and the biggest issue it had was due to its trailer. Everyone was expecting a serious, dark and broody game but what they got was lol zombies on the beach. Which is why it was so much fun in co-op (especially the beach ball of death bug) and the cackling fun you had whilst brutalising the dead.

    Anyway looks good, but also looks like its got a nasty cpu iusse

    1. Gordon861

      The way around the CPU issue seems to be to turn down the depth of field slider, which seems to lower the detail at a distance rather than cause zombies to pop into existence when you get close.

      TotalBiscuit on YouTube did a early review/test that showed it in action.

      I'm running an i5-2500K, 16gb RAM, and a 980gtx across 5760x1080 res and I'm not having any problems so far.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Yep - I watched that too ;c) waiting for the WTF is

  5. John Sanders

    Dead Island...

    Was fun the first 2-3 hours, it became boring and repetitive very quickly.

    I hope this one is better on that regard.

    1. VinceH

      Re: Dead Island...

      I've only just bought Dead Island - it'll be a long time before I finally start playing it and discover for myself just how disappointing it is.

      As for this one - at the very end of the article it mentions PC, PS4 and XBone, so unless I buy a PC specifically for playing games, it looks like I won't be buying it at all. Oh well. :/

    2. Halfmad

      Re: Dead Island...

      21 hours into it and hardly touched the campaign, I just enjoy kicking zombies off the roof too much. Coop is simply hilarious, if you find single player dragging, get in a game with your mates, you'll be crying with laughter within half an hour.

  6. Disconn3ct

    I didn't preorder this after dead island 1 - it wasn't just the half-written story (and they only coded/recorded half of THAT) but the insane number of bugs that got me.

    I finally gave up on it after slamming my jeep into a group of trees and having it teleport into the middle of them (2 per side). It began bouncing higher and higher on it's shocks (I hopped out) until it stuck itself about 20' in the air, still pinned by the trees..

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's a shame that the PC version is so riddled with bugs that most people say it's unplayable.

    1. Brandon 2

      most people

      Where can I get the stats on most people? Works for me and 5 mates from work. One had a bit of stuttering on his AMD based system... turning down the fancy effects (depth of field and over-blurring) fixed it.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: most people

        Try the steam forums.

        1. Halfmad

          Re: most people

          I did, handful of people have issues which is pretty normal these days sadly. Only 1 out of the 30 or so people I know how have bought it have any problems with it.

          I'm on AMD, as are most of them.

      2. Kaltern

        Re: most people

        AMD users have been royally screwed with this game, many benchmarks are showing NV/Intel combos are almost double the FPS, which is pretty much unacceptable - there is nothing in the game that is considered system challenging, so it's either a deliberate crippling of AMD hardware, or a bad case of consolitis.

        Given that the vast majority of games work fine on AMD hardware, but the most recent of releases are suddenly 'Made for nVidia', and seem to run piss poor on AMD... one has to wonder what's going on.

        And no, the AMD CPU's are not THAT crap. If I can play other, demanding games on an AMD 8320/R9 280X with no bother, then this current crop of games should be fine.

        1. Tithras

          Re: most people

          Get an Intel ;)

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