back to article Microsoft Outlook comes to Android, iOS: MS email now a bit less painful on mobile

Microsoft has released new Outlook apps for Android and iOS. The apps are based on code acquired with Acompli late last year, and former Acompli CEO Javier Soltero is now Outlook general manager at Microsoft. On iOS it is a full production release, but on Android it is a preview. You can connect to accounts including Exchange …

  1. JDX Gold badge

    What's wrong with the built-in mail client on WP8.x?

    I use it for work email and it's pretty nice, albeit minimal.

    1. dogged

      Re: What's wrong with the built-in mail client on WP8.x?

      Attachments blow goats on it. Composing a new mail to multiple individuals is a pain. It doesn't pick up Exchange mailing lists well. Flagging is a pain.

      Generally speaking, it's not a bad POP3/IMAP client but it's nowhere near the functionality of Outlook Mail.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Re: What's wrong with the built-in mail client on WP8.x?

      Forwarding. Grrrrr

    3. asdf

      Re: What's wrong with the built-in mail client on WP8.x?

      My biggest complaint with the standard mail client is on a long email chain on the iPhone 6 regular you have to turn the phone sideways to be able to read the text. The pinch zoom in portrait mode on the client is atrocious too imho.

      Oh WP8 well couldn't tell you. Only ever seen one in the wild and the person using it hasn't needed to worry about corporate email for a few decades.

      1. asdf

        Re: What's wrong with the built-in mail client on WP8.x?

        Just to further step on the thread. So far I do like the new Outlook app for iPhone more than the native mail client. For one thing it doesn't display text two small for me to see for more a second or two before auto zooming to good size with a good looking font imho.

  2. LDS Silver badge

    "Windows tablet and phone users are left to wait for Windows 10"

    Well, my Windows tablet runs the full version of Outlook if I need it. Anyway Mail and Calendar apps are not that bad on a tablet. Mail is still a bit too limited on Windows Phone, especially when it comes to attachments.- thanks to the luser-oriented model they had to adopt to suit late smartphone users (everyboy who discovered smartphones after 2005).

  3. Alister Silver badge

    I'm curious about the sub heading, and the premise of the article, we run a couple of Exchange AD domains with a mixture of IOS and Android clients, and I haven't found them to be particularly painful to administer, and users seem happy enough? It's very rare we have problems with the built in mail clients.

    The worst culprit for problems is Outlook for Mac, which needs beating with a large wet haddock at every opportunity, it's a PITA.

  4. John Sanders

    IMAP support

    MS Fix imap support in your products!

    1. dogged

      Re: IMAP support

      Usually the problem is "Google, stop claiming your products are IMAP when you have bastardized the specification with your Embrace, Extend, OwnForeverMuahahaha" bullshit".

      1. cambsukguy

        Re: IMAP support

        I just moved all my 'Google' NTL crap email accounts to my Hotmail account so I get push mail properly.

        Still get NTL mail via POP but it is not the important stuff.

  5. druck Silver badge


    The more Microsoft promise converged applications, the more versions they release!

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Oops someone forgot something

    The iOS app doesn't load your contacts from or anywhere else for that matter, seems like that might have been an important thing to do .... Outlook for people with no friends.

    1. damager

      Re: Oops someone forgot something

      Yes indeed - an Outlook client that doesn't either display, or attempt to check an entered name with the Global Address List (much less other Exchange address lists) is somewhat of a botch, in my opinion!

  7. sisk

    Convenient timing

    I just realized that the email app on my phone stopped getting mail from my work account (on Office365) a few days ago. This wouldn't be my first choice to fix it, but it is definitely going onto the bottom of my list of things to try. And, if past experience with this problem on other peoples' phones is any indication, I'll probably get to the bottom of the list. O365 and Android seem to have a touch and go relationship.

    1. Mikel

      Re: Convenient timing

      You expected O365 to improve your Android experience? Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the owner of the service.

  8. Lee D Silver badge

    No thanks.

    In all those years it took you to get here, there's been a whole raft of products that do the same, and they wanted my money, gave me the features, "just work" and have done for years (decades) in some cases.

    Exchange accounts are pretty standard on all Android phones and if you want deep integration then things like Touchdown, etc. only cost a few quid. Everything else, well, if you can't do IMAP and SMTP with your email, it's not really an email account.

    I can't imagine many people CHOOSE Outlook because its workflow is so much better than all the competition. They choose it because their workplace is Exchange and they want to integrate with it. I've survived all my IT career without Outlook on my desktop, yet I still have every email I've ever sent or received, and I can schedule things on calendars, answer votes, attend meetings, etc. alongside everything else on any platform, at any time.

    The time to open this sort of thing up and start providing Office, Outlook, IE (yuck!), etc. on other platforms was about the time you got sued for anti-competitive behaviour in the EU. But at the time, you were too busy turning off my Hotmail so I couldn't collect it with POP3 any more and stuff like that.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      I've survived all my IT career without Outlook on my desktop

      What are you using now, please? (genuine question)

      But yeah, I've noticed that not many people "choose" Microsoft these days, it's due to lock-in (or perceived lock-in).

  9. Philippe

    OWA or ActiveSync?

    Many corporate e-mails now require the use of a privacy invading MDM client.

    This can be bypassed by connecting through OWA instead of ActiveSync. Mail+ does it very well on iOS or Android.

    Is that the case here or is this Outlook App ActiveSync only?

    1. damager

      Re: OWA or ActiveSync?

      It uses ActiveSync (shows up as DeviceUserAgent : Outlook-iOS-Android/1.0 in the Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics for the user).

      And *very* annoyingly it knows nothing about the Global Address List, much less any other address lists defined in Exchange. This makes it useless, compared to, say, the built in Mail app in iOS.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: OWA or ActiveSync?

      Upvoted for mention of Mail+. This is a great app! It has a few limitations so it isn't going to do for someone who is doing tons of mobile email, but for people like me who just want to be able to keep up on emails when I'm away from my laptop and put in a quick reply, it is great.

  10. Kevin Davidson


    Surely the only people with any interest in this will be enterprises deeply wedded to Exchange.

    But their existing MDM will configure the built-in Mail, Contacts and Calendar apps. They won't be able to use this Outlook connection to remotely enforce security policies or remotely wipe/lock devices through Exchange either. Outlook will be sandboxed like any other app.

    Baffling waste of engineering effort just to keep marketing happy.

  11. Number6

    Phone Wiping

    Last time I tried setting up my phone to talk to the Outlook cloud server, it wanted me to agree that the app could wipe my phone back to a factory reset if it felt like it. So I don't have it on my phone. If my employer wants me to have access, they can provide their own device for it.

  12. Mark Dowling

    "home use"

    seems to me another way for Microsoft to insert another licencing Trojan horse. The "free" Outlook app is for home use (according to the download site). Use of home Word/Excel for iOS on a BYOD device can expose the employer to licencing issues already.

  13. Kevin (Just Kevin)
    Black Helicopters

    WARNING: It's clouding your creds & emails

    WARNING: This is a rebadged Accompli client. All your account details, including passwords are stored on Accompli servers and a cache of your email as well.

    Microsoft have confirmed this in several blog comment replies (read the responses)

    There's also info in there on how corporates can block the client.

    If you use this with your exchange work email, for instance, they now have your (plaintext) password.

    Nice one, MS.

  14. RFC822

    No POP support?!

    Just found this (better late than never) and wondered for a nanosecond about trying it instead of K-9 Mail on my Android devices.

    Then I read that it doesn't support POP.

    Epic fail.

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