back to article Researcher says Aussie spooks help code Five Eyes mega malware

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has refused to comment on allegations it had a hand in the creation of a keylogging module used by global spookhauses and considered almost identical to parts of the complex Regin malware. Security bods fingered its involvement due to a file path in the malware's code that referenced …

  1. Gray Ham

    It can't be true ... Australian public servants don't actually produce anything. Mr Abbott told me so ...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Code on C: drive ?

    Must be one of those nutty places where security is so tight nothing can be stored on corporate servers. Also by revealing this one can expect a knock on the door, 5 minutes after it is kicked in followed by massive fines, gaol, stern lectures by assorted lawyers and serious suits. If one is unlucky you get follow up police harassment. This was a free country and still is if one bribes the right political funding body. Everyone else is overcharged commercial rates. Would any spook nest would have its acronym in file path?

  3. silent_count

    The Truth is Out There

    Two indisputable facts:

    a) 'WarriorPride' sounds like a reference to the New Zealand Warriors rugby league team.

    b) Simon Travaglia is from NZ.

    So the obvious conclusion is that this uber virus was written by none other than the BOFH himself.

  4. Wombling_Free

    It can't be Austfailian

    Was it coded in coal dust?

    Was it distributed by LNG carrier?

    Did it cost about 47 times the projected budget?

    Was it even delivered at all?

    Was it very, very slow?

    Did it even work?

    Did it spend any time on Nauru?

    If the answer to any of these questions is NO then it cannot have been Austfailian!

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