back to article Veritas is home. Symantec’s storage split-off adopts old name

Bisecting Symantec has decided after much deliberation the Veritas brand - the one it torched years ago - will be the monicker for the Information Management business when it splits from the mothership. Security biz Symantec paid $13.5bn for Veritas at the end of 2004, thinking that storage plus security would make a powerful …

  1. Stuart 22

    Silky Slime

    Purveyor of dodgy parties to the British Electorate. But be careful, don't expect your deposit back. Younger whipper snappers may need to be reminded when Robert Kilroy-Silk thought he was poster boy for all well versed in Latin and breaking moulds. Very few when he tried to muscle in on Nigel's UKIP and even fewer when he flounced out to form Veritas. That ended in tears too.

    Perhaps Symantec should have snapped up Banque National de Paris's shortened moniker ;-)

  2. weebs

    Looks like they're going to go into space. Veritas are using the NASA font.

  3. Mark 85

    Logo explanation?

    Why does every company feel compelled to explain the logo in buzzwords and bullshit? Whatever happened to: "we think it looks nice."? I'm sure they didn't had the graphic designer that explanation.. more like: "we need a logo, send us a dozen or so and we'll pick one".

  4. Forty Two


    It seems they selected the proper logo color/colour. "Lipstick for a Pig Red" seems entirely suitable.

  5. Peter2 Silver badge


    Well, it's good of them to rename it back to Veritas.

    I, and everybody else I have worked with in the intervening years has still been calling backup exec "Veritas" out of force of habit, so it's good that new entrants will now know what we are talking about...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's good to have Veritas back

    Unfortunately, the merger was a bad idea in the first place. I used to be at Symantec, and basically the security customers thought we were abandoning them to branch out into the datacenter, and the datacenter customers wondered why they should trust their operations to an IT security company. There's more I could say, but that pretty much explains the fundamental problem at a high level.

    I always thought that Veritas was a very unique market player, having a strong share of the datacenter/storage software market, but independent of having the storage hardware business the other big datacenter software players like EMC, IBM and HP had.

    I think the split is the best thing all around, but Veritas' brand in the datacenter has been diminished by 10 years of underinvestment (trying to get everyone to think of Symantec, instead of Veritas), and association with the more unfocused post-merger Symantec product line instead of a tight datacenter focus.

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