back to article Right, we've bagged IBM’s X86 server biz... now what? – Lenovo

Now that Lenovo has IBM’s X86 server business, it’s able to freely participate in partnerships with storage suppliers. Does it view storage as a market into which it can expand? Although not a storage vendor in the mainstream array sense Lenovo does have a number of storage product lines: PX2-300D and PX4-400D NVR video …

  1. Riku


    Someone else who Quantum could be rumoured to be bought by! After HP, NetApp and EMC (but only once the share price falls below a dollar, alledgedly).

    Still need a primary storage product though. No sense in buying an HDD array, one of those hybrid/flash array startups...?

  2. W. Anderson

    Lenovo's follow on of supporting only Microsoft Windows in it's new x86 Server and Storage line - like their desktop PC policy, is contrary to IBM's position of support for the popular and growing OS software foundations, like highly demand Suse and RedHat Enterprise Linux offerings, and will certainly put them at a distinct disadvantage for supporting more broadly preferred Amazon AWS or OpenStack Cloud Computing Services, Virtualization and Docker Containerization -all Linux based technologies - and in same proprietary box with the other "Me Too" Windows only back benchers.

    1. no-one

      Lenovo sells both RHEL and SUSE

      not sure why you're saying that Lenovo's servers support only MS Windows, they have a pretty good relationship with the various Linux vendors and offer both RHEL and SUSE. some flavor of Linux is also baked into their HPC business.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Lenovo sells both RHEL and SUSE

        Indeed - AFAIK Linux is alive and well in System l

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I thought Lenovo now use Nutanix as their preferred storage vendor?

    Haven't the OEM'd Nutanix now so they don't need a legacy 3-tier'd vendor

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