back to article Game over? Sony FINALLY offers compensation to MEELLIONS of PSN hack victims

Millions of PSN gamers, who were hit by a massive data breach on Sony's Playstation network back in 2011, are finally being offered the opportunity to claim compensation from the company. Stateside victims of the hack attack – PSN, Qriocity and Sony Online Entertainment subscribers who held an account before 15 May 2011 – have …

  1. BasicChimpTheory

    Pretty sure Sony allowed me to choose 4 or 5 free games (from a limited list) as compensation back in June of 2011.

    What's all this then?

    1. Greg J Preece

      That was Sony's original apology to the masses for the hack (and the resulting month-long downtime). It's also how I got into inFamous, which I'm quite happy about. :-)

      This is Sony offering actual financial recompense to people negatively affected. To the best of my knowledge, if my data was taken it wasn't used. By now the card that was in there is long since dead, and I haven't noticed any ill effects. Hopefully their competitors looked at the time that Sony took after the hack to secure their servers and quietly checked their own systems over before similar hacks could arrive.

      1. BasicChimpTheory

        I just had a look at the claim form and it appears they are offering exactly what I recall them offering in the Welcome Back thing (just less of it). One game from the what appears to be the same list of games OR one from a list of themes OR three months of PS+. You get two bites of the cherry if you did not participate in the Wlecome Back thing.

        Seems like an odd thing to have had to go through a class action for - less of the exact same thing non-suing entities (sorry, people) recieved.

        1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

          Don't worry, the lawyers will have gotten plenty.

  2. GreggS

    Sony Email

    Had one from them today thanking me for my patience during the recent service interruption. Extending my PSPlus subscription by 5 days and 10% discount on a purchase of games and add-ons (between 23rd - 26th Jan).

    1. DJV Silver badge


      So, you should have had 4 days instead of 2 to select something if only Sony had actually managed to get their arse into gear and send you your email on time. I wonder how many people won't get their emails until the 27th or later...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Sony Email

      Lucky you. They automatically renewed my PS Plus even though I told them not to and billed my card for £39.99 without authorisation. They repeatedly told me it is not their policy to give refunds, they don't accept that I cancelled it even though I had confirmation from them at the time. They have told me that I must be lieing because their system doesn't go wrong and to top it off threatened that if I have the bank reverse the charge then they will ban my account and block access to all previously purchased content.

      There is no excuse not to refund an item that a user claims they didn't order which has not be used and incurred no costs. Trying to lock customers into buying something they dont want through small print is a bit of a scummy move, but to still refuse when they have proof that it was incorrect, gambling on the fact that I won't go through the effort of taking it to court is outrageous.

      This is not the way an established company should behave and it is certainly not good business sense to take a regular customer and completely destroy all brand loyalty whatsoever.

      1. fajensen

        Re: Sony Email

        If the target "metrics" is "New Customers" then of course the "metrics optimiser" does not care one bit about regular customers and brand loyalty. It's like the mobile phone business: The New Deal is always sweat, but, come renewal, they always try to fuck you over with a much shittier one over the phone - so that you wont read the small print first.

        Personally, I would skip the reverse charge thing and grass the "PS Plus" up for credit card fraud directly; since they upped the stakes with threats and all.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Sony Email

          It is nothing like a mobile phone contract. The subscription is optional and such a small fraction of the cost of regular game/hardware purchases per year.

          What you describe applies perfectly to bundle deals on selling consoles but not to this.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    did anyone actually lose anything?

    Security experts now think not. Not a single occurance or data has ever appeared. It now looks like Sonys only issue was being able to prove that data wasnt taken..

    1. John Tserkezis

      Re: did anyone actually lose anything?

      "Not a single occurance or data has ever appeared"

      So, then what's left of that "$15m settlement deal" is going to the lawyers then?

  4. adnim

    Sony has refused to accept any responsibility for the attack

    Fair enough Sony was not responsible for the attack, after all they didn't attack themselves did they? What they are responsible for is sloppy the security that allowed the attack to suceed.

    1. phil dude

      Re: Sony has refused to accept any responsibility for the attack

      here's an idea, how about a statutory loss law that gives every person who's information is lost in anyway whatsoever an automatic $1000.

      This would save money on lawyers, encourage firms to either keep data better, or not keep data at all.

      Companies are greedy by design. They pay nothing that they don't have to.

      Make it part of their bottom line, and perhaps they'll take it seriously.


  5. MJI Silver badge

    Their 2011 issues cost me money because

    It got me into Infamous.

    Second Son is brilliant

    1. Greg J Preece

      Re: Their 2011 issues cost me money because

      It's sat on my shelf, along with First Light, TLOU and Killzone, waiting for the PS4 to play them on. Yes, I know. Amazon did a ridiculous sale at one point over Christmas and I couldn't stop myself.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Am I the only one who gets annoyed at The Register's use of "MEELLIONS"?

    It might have been funny.. once or twice. I just find myself not regarding articles including "MEELLIONS," in the title, remotely serious.

    1. Teiwaz

      Re: MEELLIONS?

      What can you expect, The Reg is basically 'Red Top' newspaper.

      They are just itching to use 'gotcha' for a headline. After that it'll be all 'tit's if it isn't already...

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