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    Wiki by backdoor project

    Been tasked with building a system to monitor equipment (easy) and present the information to management in a understandable format (not easy) on a nothing buget.

    Planning on making a system using the following:

    Java script will pick up CSV files and generate graphs & charts,

    Charts presented within a Wiki. MediaWiki seems to be good,

    Wiki sat within Ubuntu server,

    Hardware will most likely be a blagged 5yo dell server with 3Gb of RAM.

    Never built a system like this before. Is there anything I should watch out for?

    Backdoor project:- Keeping stakeholder involvement limited to what they'd like to see as a end result. They are not technical and have a tendency of throwing spanners into the works when they find something they don't understand. I know I should keep them involved as the project text books say, but I'd like this to succeed!

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