back to article Canonical goes all Internet of Stuff with Ubuntu for DRONES

Getting Ubuntu onto everything from your home router to commercial drones is the next target of Canonical chief Mark Shuttleworth. The Ubuntu daddy’s firm is today expected to announce Ubuntu Core on smart devices, a version of its trimmed down Ubuntu Core that targets the Internet of Stuff. Ubuntu Core for smart devices …

  1. Androgynous Cupboard Silver badge

    600MB RAM and 4GB disk?

    Not exactly slim is is?

    I regularlly roll VMs with less than that using regular Ubuntu, so I'm not sure I see what the fuss is about.

  2. Old Used Programmer

    600MB RAM and 4GB flash? That's going to eliminate a *lot* of devices from even considering Core. They need to trim that down by at least a factor of 5, and a full order of magnitude would be better. Even then, the typical IoT device will be out in the cold for this.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      This is going to fail big time!

      I am currently working on an advanced satellite communications system; the target platform has 1 GB of FLASH (has to store the kernel, root FS image, FPGA bitstream, DSP code and user configuration files) and 512 MB of memory. I was vaguely interested until I saw the minimum hardware spec, now I cannot (and will not) touch it no matter what it offers.

      Not certain what Shuttleworth is thinking - MS proved that trying to push out an embedded BSP OS with huge hardware requirements just results in an equally huge market failure. I guess that that lesson needs to be learned once again.

    2. Message From A Self-Destructing Turnip

      "Ubuntu Core requires a 600 mhz processor with 128 MB RAM. Devices require 4GB flash for factory reset and system rollback. Ubuntu Core itself uses 40MB RAM leaving the rest for applications"


      Had me scratching my head for a minute there, desktop Ubuntu will run on 512MB ram? Now that's out of the way. Oi! Ubuntu stop pissing about with model aeroplanes and finish off my new tablet.

      1. Old Handle
        Thumb Up

        Needing 600 Mhz (not mhz) makes a whole lot more sense than 600 MB RAM. But I don't understand how anyone could mix these two things up. Please tell me nobody working for El Reg was responsible. The 4GB requirement still seems excessive, although hardly prohibitive considering what flash memory costs nowadays.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        As per Message From A Self-Destructing Turnip's comments this seem more likely the specs so stop hatin haters.

  3. John Gamble

    And Obviously There Are Alternatives To Using Linux

    After all, if one can make a NetBSD toaster, then a drone should be a snap.

  4. Tom 7

    Linux for the Rooftop!


    1. Havin_it

      Re: Linux for the Rooftop!

      UAVbuntu 15.01 Pesky Predator, to be followed by 15.08 Rambunctious Reaper.

  5. stupormundi

    If you see ...

    ... lots of drones falling out of the sky, you know what's up

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    wow I like how people are so quick to complain

    I crap out these specs first thing in the morning. 600MB Ram and 4GB storage is not exactly high specced hardware. Spend the extra 10 cents to meet the reqs, even the most crappy low end hardware that has come out over the last 2 years meets this with ease and cheaply I might add. This is not a reason to throw the baby out with the bath water. FYI if you read the article you will notice the comment that it will create a new app market for IoT... you need extra space for these additional bells and whistles. I will admit the 600MB of ram is a little puzzling maybe they meant 640MB Ram??? Although the article did say that ubuntu has brought it down from 1GB to 128MB so there may be some wiggle room.

    Haters be hatin

    Ubuntu isn't that bad you know, they do bring a certain level of polish to this ecosystem and without their efforts we wouldn't have nice distros like mint and all other ubuntu based distros out there.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I'd beg to differ

      For a lot of embedded systems, 600 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage is extremely high spec.

  7. saif

    Rasbeen there done that...

    Raspbian is works on 2GB flash and 512MB RAM, is regularly updated, and works on over 2 million embedded devices, including controllers for drones and space exploration applications

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Rasbeen there done that...

      Raspbian is not Ubuntu.

      1. agricola

        Re: Rasbeen there done that...

        Thank God for that!

        Otherwise, Raspberry Pi would be dead.

  8. agricola

    Shuttleworth's entertainment value is priceless!

    Well, looks like Markey is up to his old tricks: spewing horses**t about how Ubuntu is going to take over the latest gee-whiz technology d'jour.

    Where's the Ubuntu TV, Mack?

    Where're all those fixes for Ubuntus 9.10 and later, genius? (Oops, I forgot: according to TA Edison, 'genius' is 99% perspiration; something Shuttleworth knows absolutely NOTHING about).

    Where's your community?

    Where's your credibility?


    Never mind; we ALL know: it's been delayed until 2016--fourth quarter, of course. That is, until December 31 of 2016.

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