back to article Tintri gazes hungrily at Japan after nailing Fujitsu OEM deal

Hybrid array startup Tintri has bagged Fujitsu as its doorway into the Japanese market. Fujitsu has its in-house ETERNUS DX arrays, classic dual-controller gear, and 50PB scale-out array for big data. The Japanese company has announced its ETERNUS TR line, with TR820, 850 and 880 models aimed at the VDI market. They feature …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Learn Japanese Business

    This isn't a new tactic for Japanese business. For example you mention that this is the first OEM of the "new" hybrids but to sell in the Japanese economy is has to typically be of local reselling. For example Nimble Storage has had an existing relationship with Toshiba for some time (while Toshiba isn't known for storage, they are known for technology at last glance). And others, NetApp, IBM, HP, etc have done similar tactics in the past. But hey, keep up your "obective" reviews there Chris.

    1. ditismijnhandle

      Tintri is an interim solution

      Tintri very much looks like a short term tactical proposition filling a hole in vSphere.

      Question is what the viability of a solution like Tintri is when VMware (finally) brings out a version including VVOL.

      I much more see the market developing in a hybrid flash/disk direction all managed by the same storage tools. Fujitsu is known for that with their own ETERNUS DX line of storage systems. So don't count on an announcement for ETERNUS TR, ie. OEM Tintri, outside Japan.

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