back to article Diamonds are forever, Fujitsu Eternus now for VDI

Fujitsu has added a bunch of new variants to its Eternus TR storage arrays, targeting large scale desktop virtualisation environments. The models are the Eternus TR820, TR850 and TR880, with the last in the list claiming the ability to connect 3,500 VMs, which the company says is nearly double the scale of its previous models …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    this is the tintri oem'ed gear, right?

  2. ditismijnhandle

    ETERNUS TR really coming to Europe?

    Tintri very much looks like a short term tactical proposition filling a hole in vSphere.

    Question is what the viability of a solution like Tintri is when VMware (finally) brings out a version including VVOL.

    I much more see the market developing in a hybrid flash/disk direction all managed by the same storage tools. Fujitsu is known for that with their own ETERNUS DX line of storage systems. So don't count on an announcement for ETERNUS TR, ie. OEM Tintri, outside Japan.

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