back to article GDS: We might miss our digi-goal. Quick, MAKE IT BIGGER

The government has admitted it will fall significantly short of its original target to make 25 digital services live by March - a goal it had given itself four years to reach. So far the Government Digital Service (GDS) has made a total of just eight digital services live, a figure it has indicated may not increase by the …

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    1. Ben Norris

      High volume is not as tricky as high complexity. Tip: you don't put it all in one big database. Banks have had sharding for centuries, its not a new concept.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    tbh they are all too busy blogging than getting on with the work

  3. John L Ward

    Never a cloud...

    Plus it seems that many of the digital exemplars that seem to work are simply a new face on an already working system, such as the one for application for a replacement driving licence (which was, let's face it a (not so) glorified electronic form...).

    I bet that a lot of civil servants who have had their noses put out of joint by the abrasive attitudes of the GDS lot are just quietly sharpening their knives for when GDS finally lose enough support to keep them and their rather large contractor rates going without any major results...

    ...and the SIs who are looking at the silver lining of mending all of the 'good work' done by those exemplars.

    Plus ca change...

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