back to article Hyperconverged IDC shamans mumble mantras over market

The MarketScape wizards at IDC have pounced on the hyperconverged systems market for their latest escapade, putting Nutanix well ahead of Simplivity. The two are in the leaders' section of the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Hyperconverged Systems 2014 Vendor Assessment which plots suppliers in a 2D space defined by strategies (low …

  1. Vaughn Stewart


    I would owe you one if you can get IDC to explain which EMC product is their hyper converged platform. A quick scan of the EMC website doesn't show they are in this market.

    - cheers,


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  3. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    The number of "missing" companies leads me to ask all sorts of questions. There are a lot of hyperconverged players that simply aren't represented here. Some of them, I am not sure I can agree with the positioning...but then again, I'm looking at it from a "today" standpoint, not a "when the data for this paper was collected" standpoint.

    Maxta, for example, has recently upped their game dramatically with an Openstack offering. As far as I am concerned they deserve to be quite a bit more towards a leadership position on the "strategies" side of things.

    Ditto Scale Computing; they have stratagic plans in motion that - to be perfectly blunt - I see as superior to Nutanix's plans. And how is VMware's "strategies" so low compared to Nutanix/SimpliVity?

    Are we counting only those strategies that are publicly announced? I'd think IDC has access to at least the depth of information I do on the various hyperconverged players. Based on that, I can't understand their positioning for "strategies" at all, unless the information that made up this report is almost a year old.

    Now, in that context, this makes perfect sense. This is a great representation of the state of the hyperconverged market circa January 2014. But the hyperconverged market circa 2015 looks a hell of a lot different, at least from the positioning of the "strategies" portion of that equation.

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