back to article Microsoft vs, Internet of Stuff, Big Data: Some of 2015's legal cloudy issues

Cloud, Big Data, the Internet of Things are among the hottest topics that vendors are driving in 2015, but there are five legal developments in each that are worth tracking. 1. Microsoft and US government go to court Again, Microsoft is resisting attempts by the US government to get access to the user data it is holding …

  1. Ian Moyse
    Black Helicopters

    Not all good, but all Go !

    Cloud, internet of things, SaaS, etc, whatever you call it discussion continues to rain with pros, cons, myths and change. The growth of the sector has driven increased change, conflict, disruption and engagement which will all increase undoubtedly in 2015. Good valid comments from Frank here as to how the industry is having to shape up regarding laws, opinions and needs as this becomes mainstream for us all.

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