back to article Sick of these new dot-words? Join the .club – it's the only one challenging .com

Las Vegas loves a show. And so it was earlier this week when domain-name conference NamesCon held an auction for more than 100 high-value names. The auction has been hailed as a success, especially given two headline sales: for $350,000 and for $140,000. But we thought we'd dig into the results to see …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sorry, I'm all out of tears.

  2. Trigonoceps occipitalis Silver badge

    Everyone remains confident that 2015 will be the year of new internet domains.

    And Linux on the desktop.

  3. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Not impressed...

    All this sound like pure unadulterated PR BS... seriously? Like most users won't just hit Google? Someone trying to make a bubble? I'd like to use to smack someone...

  4. frank ly


    How very appropriate.

    1. Graham Marsden

      Re: NamesCon?

      Yep, Names Con says it all.

  5. Dave Harvey

    Will be be as "successful" as .biz ?

    "Everyone knows" that .biz was only used by companies that were too late to get a real domain and non inventive enough to get a name which was still free in a "real" tld, and so are seen as "losers" from the start. Why should users of ANY of the new tlds be seen any differently?


    Although, biased, I do believe that .CLUB is very different than .biz, .info, .mobi -- all generic terms that fundamentally compete directly with .COM. .CLUB is more similar to a .ORG - a domain with meaning that represents a group. Ultimately the new domain extensions with meaning will succeed but the ones that don't have meaning and try to be the next .COM will fail (.web could the be only exception)

  7. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

    Minor error

    the best dot-club domain up for auction - - sold for a healthy an idiotic $140,000


  8. Steven Roper

    Value of dot-coms falling

    "That's 55 percent: a high figure, and could well point to the fact that the value of dot-coms is falling."

    Not at all surprised that the value of dotcoms is still falling, and that's even since the dotcom bubble of the 90s. The cybersquatters domain investors have only themselves to blame: people learned many years ago that searching for stuff on the internet by typing "<subject I'm interested in>.com" into the browser address bar was the worst possible way to do it, simply because such efforts invariably led to a parking page devoid of anything useful, offering the domain for sale - or more likely, some spammer's malware-ridden link farm.

    These days, few people remember what or where the address bar even is; most people now simply type what they want into Google* and click the result links - or they follow links posted by their friends on Facebook. Consequently, the domain name is no longer as relevant as it used to be, and these days it doesn't matter if your company has to use something like, since the major driver of traffic now is search engine rank and social media referrals, not so much "accidental drive-by" traffic.

    These days, you don't tell people to "point their browser" to your domain, you just tell them to "find us on Facebook" and link them to your site from there.

    *How many times have you given someone a domain name only to see them type it into the search box instead of the address bar and then click the search result from there?

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