back to article SanDisk's flash chip nightmare: How I'd escape black hole if I was in charge

Apparently let down by a component supplier allegedly shipping technology it has no rights to, SanDisk now finds itself facing a FlashDIMM sales shutdown – just as the server world realizes that DIMM flash is much faster to access than PCIe flash and wants more of it. As detailed here, Netlist has won an injunction preventing …

  1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    Do these chips have rounded corners?

    "The Netlist-filed document argues that SanDisk must obey the injunction because the storage biz has been actively selling ULLtraDIMM technology since April 2014 while knowing Netlist was taking Diablo to court"

    Being taken to court is nothing to do with being found guilty. The rulings from patent litigation are fairly random (but the lawyers always win). If this goes to appeal, the results of the appeal will be equally unpredictable, so by Netlist's logic, if there are grounds for appeal then the injunction should be cancelled because Netlist knows the bickering can continue for another decade.

    1. WingDoggie

      Re: Do these chips have rounded corners?

      Being taken to court is nothing to do with being found guilty, Mr Kroes. But being taken to court and allowed an injunction????? Well, that demonstrated to a judge a likelihood of winning. In addition, you appear to know nothing of the whistleblower letter.......hard to debate trade secret misappropriation from a true whistleblower. Rulings with good info like this would appear to be less "random".

  2. Gordon 10

    Whats this got to do with a US court?

    ie if the components are sourced and sold in the Far East, for delivery to the US in various oem boxen, other than FUD whats the court going to do? Put Netlist in the position of trying to shut down the big 4's server sales and see if it has the balls to try it.

    A savvy SanDisk would be assessing the competition in the sector and judging how easy it is for the big 4 server vendors to jump ship. A couple of sweeteners on the side may be far less costly to buy some extra time.

  3. Christopher E. Stith

    Hmm. Netlist's full market capitalization appears to be about $42 million. Sandisk could offer a 100% premium and have a controlling interest for probably less money than a two month shutdown on these units would cost them.

    I'm not saying SanDisk will or should buy Netlist. It's probably prudent for them to make a direct licensing agreement, though, and continue to source wherever they want. They could give Netlist a big bump in the bottom line for what to them is not a lot.

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