back to article Microsoft thinks of the children with VS2013 Git release

Microsoft has clambered aboard GitHub's educational effort, tossing Visual Studio Community 2013 and a few other goodies into the mix. The Github Student Development Pack was launched last year, targeting aspiring devs aged 13 and over. Visual Studio Community 2013 (launched in 2014, natch) is already free, so the aim is …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm very very close to install GreaseMonkey

    and write a short snippet to remove the useless headline picture from articles. Or perhaps there's something already done.

  2. Bronek Kozicki


    Was just looking for something to replace my old and dusted VS 2010 . Which was dusted because I jumped to programming under gcc on Linux long time ago . And plan to stay there, but one of the points of portable software is that it also builds on Windows ...

  3. sorry, what?

    Let's have an article about IDEA's community edition...

    So people will realise they can develop on Windows or *nix environments using portable languages and modern IDE features such as extensive refactoring tools, rather than the stone and chisel tool know as VS.

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