back to article ROBOT-ON-DRAGON GRABHAND ACTION: SpaceX supply podule arrives at ISS

Elon Musk’s Dragon module has successfully docked with the ISS Harmony module for its resupply mission. NASA tweeted that the Dragon berthed at 5:54 ET and secured: #Dragon now bolted to #ISS! #ISScargo unloading scheduled to begin Tuesday. What's aboard: — NASA (@NASA) …


    Nice title, Sounds like sharks with lasers grab space ship.. the B movies :))

  2. kmac499

    Well Douglas would be proud of those T-Shirts.

    1. MrT

      Deus ex machina...

      ...isn't that his ghost hiding in the shadows behind Sam's head...?

  3. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    You have to love SpaceX. They deliver everything to the ISS perfectly, return the first stage to.ground level in controlled flight (something no one else has done), then you hit one barge a bit hard and people print headlines about a failed mission.

    Still, it's good to have high expectations.

    1. Chris G

      Well, at least one barge owner is doing something useful with it!

  4. Snowman

    Someone must have forgotten to load Anton Shkaplerov's shirt.

    1. Martin Budden

      He got a t-shirt too but he's busy holding the camera. What is really surprising is that among three super-smart astronauts not one can work out how to use the camera's timer function.

      1. Crazy Operations Guy

        Well they could use the Canadarm2, but I think NASA/ESA would get a little mad at using a multi-billion dollar piece of equipment as a "selfie-stick"...

      2. Clive Galway

        If you can attach it to something. Good luck getting it stable unless your camera has RCS.

  5. 94c2500

    SpaceX shows a commitment to make their technology work. Eventually they will solve this problem and and move on. NASA on the other hand would give up after the first failure and concentrate efforts on their primary mission to promote the major contributions to Science by Islamic Extremists.

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