back to article Cash-burning Box makes yet ANOTHER IPO promise

Loss-making VC muse, the cloud document storage and sharing startup, says it’s ready to make an IPO – again. Box filed its IPO statement with US regulators on Friday in preparation for going public. The nine-year-old firm is gunning for a drop of up to 12.5 million shares at a price of $12 per share. Box stands to …

  1. psychonaut

    more bullshit

    i tell you what, if you give me a tenner, next year i'll make you -£25.

    sound good? no?

    well, let me tell you about our track record then. we took over 100 million dollars last year. and guess what? we spent all of it! not only that, we spent MORE than that! we sure can spend money!

    and the previous years, yup, we spent more than we took every single time. YEAH! capitalism!

    so come on, how can you miss this?

    1. Andrew Moore

      Re: more bullshit

      As long as most of that 100 million dollars went into the shareholders pockets, they couldn't care less about the debt. It's all about Wealth Capture...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bubble 3.0

    Wake up, venture capitalists! Box didn't offer anything that set it apart from competitors. And severe losses for 9 years in a row and counting should open even the blindest person's eyes.

  3. Tim 11

    Investing in data centers

    I presume the number/size of data centers required will scale linearly with the number/size of customers.

    So surely if you can't make a profit from the customers you've got now with the data centers you've got now, there's no reason to believe that by increasing both you'll become profitable.

    1. Terry 6 Silver badge

      Re: Investing in data centers


      You'd have thought so. After the initial start-up cost at least.

      1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

        Re: Investing in data centers

        I'd bet those professional services add up fast too. One company I worked at flew people on site to their customers to hold their hands while they used the app. They saw they were spending more on that then the customers were paying. So they stopped the practice, and usage of the app nosedived, the company closed a couple years later.

  4. The Godfather

    Should have gone to specsavers...

    Baffling how dim and slow some of these investors are at times...time will tell

  5. Jakobian

    An analogy

    In respect to BOX IPO . If you go back a while,there was this rock band in the early sixties,that happened to be in the UK. These guys were playing music in hellish conditions,not making any headway for years. Then this man comes along that saw something others didn't . Mind you,they had a lot of competition in the same field. What made them different ? They used all this time learning their craft. Their competitors were not as diligent.

    When their first record was released, it made no great shakes so their manager ( the guy that saw something,others didn't ) wound up manipulating the market or in biz speak " making a market " and bought enough of these records to put it on the charts.

    The rest is history.

    Yep ! BOX has been spending money from investors in the private sector. What have they been doing with all this money ? They have been honing their craft. Apparently they have something going on or these investors would have pulled the plug after the initial IPO was held at bay. Have they been consistently losing money by being frivolous ? I don't think so. Maybe they have been building a strong infrastructure,while others are playing catchup with their platform .

    What differentiates BOX from others ?

    Possibly they are the best at what they do.

    Do they offer an elite service that costs more to maintain than the others ? Very possibly.

    The fact that they have been around for ten years,in spite of losing money,must say something.

    Is investing in an enterprise for the long term a bad thing ?

    Could it be a quality service they offer ?

    By virtue of that fact that the mainstay of BOX is a subscription service that has a very low attrition rate ,must leave one with the idea that the company is stable.

    Look at some of the others that are projected to have an IPO this year.

    Uber ? Let's see,they have Side Car and Lyft providing the same service and for all intents and purposes what differentiates Uber.

    I can tell you.

    I live in San Francisco.


    In fact most that offer their car share also have Lyft and or SideCar as well on their radar ( smartphone ) .

    The question is,who will dominate subscription services in the clouds?

    One thing I have heard from everyone I have spoken to is the idea that BOX has only one major problem, but it is incidental to the company. That is brand name recognition with the hoi polloi.

    With that said,they are not trying to capture that dollar,they are going after the big fish and if the recent developments of their client base keeps expanding ( BOX acquired GE after they had first filed and delayed their IPO )

    We will get a glimpse Friday morning as to the skepticism being felt by investors .

    PS. That band from England did quite well after years of struggling. The creme rises to the top,but leaves the skim to others.

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