back to article Mr Cameron goes to Washington for PESKY HACKERS chinwag with Pres Obama

U.S. President Barak Obama will end his week of lobbying for more powers to fight hackers online, by hosting Britain's Prime Minster David Cameron on Thursday and Friday, when the two leaders will discuss internet security. Thwarting malefactors who attack companies' computer systems, such as the recent, devastating assault on …

  1. Christoph


    "more than 80 per cent of UK firms had tackled an internet security breach in 2014."

    If you include things like a single, easily contained attack by a virus, you could stretch that to an even larger scare figure. But maybe they thought that would be too obvious.

    Still, it's nice to know that the problem will be sorted out by two such experts on how the internet works.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: two such experts on how the internet works...

      And THIS is exactly why we definitely need a sarcasm icon !

    2. chivo243 Silver badge

      Re: 80%?

      Ah, yes, experts on how the internet works. <Insert your fav comedy duo here> will do an amazing job solving all the cyber problems Joe has. Well done!

      Just looking for my Wilder and Pryor icon...

    3. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: 80%?

      So why was GCHQ only hacking 80% ?

      Surely more than 20% of firms must be donors to the party / run by Eton chums of Cameron

    4. Phil W

      Re: 80%?

      It's ok they'll get Stephen Fry on board to advise he's very up on his tech and can explain it all to them with brief but accurate summaries.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "So Barack, how much fucking over of people's personal freedoms do you think we'll get away with in this round?"

    "Well David, we got hacking, terrorism and an aggressive foreign nation in there, we should be good"

  3. nematoad
    Big Brother


    " ... when the two leaders will discuss internet security."

    Yeah, Get the hell out of our faces for a start.

    Seriously, if these two can put a curb on the so called "security" apparatus and start forcing them to abide by the lax, specially written laws that they are supposed to work under we might all be better off.

    If they start using the powers that they already have and use their brains rather than relying on a drag-net to spot the baddies, then perhaps we will all be safer. As it is they take the lazy option and just run fishing expeditions on everything they can lay their hands on.

    A little application would not come amiss and then we might find that we have less to worry about being attacked.

    From the baddies as well as our own governments.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Only way I can think of is some sort of personal liability for high ups in a huge company who when being told something is stupid. (Like passwords in plain text all over the place).

    Or something that makes the company liable for all the fraud that happens due to their incompetence.

    What happened to HSBC has proven it is possible to get these companies to act. (Just have to not take any nonsense from them).

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Lying Toadies

    This conference has nothing to do with cybersecurity and everything to do with TTIP.

    You will accept it (in full) whether you like it or not, this is also at the heart of Camerons EU stance, his apparent anti-EU grandstanding is nothing of the sort.

    This meeting is the same as the ones I have with my bosses, all top down.

    He will be told what will be and it is his job to sell it to his underlings, if he can't sell it then someone who can will be installed.

    I'nt democracy brilliant

    try this for size

  6. Mark 85

    " ... when the two leaders will discuss internet security."

    I'm not sure if we should laugh, cry, or be very afraid. Maybe all three?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just who do they think they're kidding?

    Not April 1st yet is it? I'm sure these two extremely internet-literate experts will be able to make a thorough job of ordering people to just push a few buttons and everything will be fine again. What a joke this is! It might help (but only just) if these two technically-ignorant political pests actually took the trouble to find out how the internet really works. This has got to be the biggest laugh so far this year. Discussion? Any so-called discussion will probably consist of finding even more ways of using NSA and GCHQ to spy and/or clamp down on internet freedoms - especially after the French tragedy.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    What on earth are these two doing? If you and I could not be arsed to spend a few quid on proper locks for our doors and windows, remember to lock our cars and bicycles and so on, would there be some high-level political meeting to discuss it? Or would they leave it to the common sense, enforcement of law and the not so gentle nudges of insurance companies, such as, "Oh, so it was not locked, then we are not interested". Yes, like most large scale crime, whether financial or other fraud or import/export or forged goods, it is international. So, we adapt existing international legal cooperation accordingly. Two politicians worrying about reelection are irrelevant.

    There are serious problems for Cameron, such as an election, NHS, actual poverty and he is worrying about firms who can not organise themselves to install proper software or even, if very sensitive, disconnect from the WAN.

    As for GCHQ: educate, sort out real, malicious attacks against government systems and point out to industry that it is private, with all the gains and risks that that involves. As usual with crime, the responsible state legal authorities should investigate when they receive complaints. There are, already, international agreements covering this sort of thing, hence Interpol and so on.

    Of course, this is just a fig leaf. One has to ask why Cameron thinks this is a good use of his time with an election coming up and serious problems at home. Is this just evidence that he has been called in by the real powers for instruction and briefing?

    1. DocJames

      Re: What?

      "One has to ask why Cameron thinks this is a good use of his time with an election coming up and serious problems at home."

      I'd think it's because it gets to show him being statemanlike, pow-wowing with Barack (good for centrist voters), generally getting his face into the media - and best of all the Conservative Party don't have to spend any money on this pre-election campaign! Serious problems are generally more intractable, and upset at least some people. If you can avoid and distract attention from them this is better*.

      "the recent, devastating assault on film studio Sony Pictures" - coffee/keyboard.

      * better in terms of maintaining power. Not in any ethical, financial, professional or objective measurement.

  9. Christian Berger

    For governments IT security is a double edged sword

    I mean just imagine a government would promote IT security, for example by helping people to use end to end encryption and open source, or demanding minimum IT security standards from suppliers. (i.e. don't hire complete idiots)

    This would automatically mean that the secret services would have a much harder job at mass surveillance. Better IT means your population gets harder to control.

    Apparently Cameron already end to end encryption:

  10. drewf74

    Doesn't matter WHAT they say only matters that they are talking about it and publicising the need for action. Personally, I don't care very much about Sony being embarrassed; I do care a great deal about our Critical Infrastructure remaining in place, the lights on, the water flowing etc. It's not an IT issue - there are more 'real' things to be concerned about.

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