back to article EU net neutrality: Don’t worry, we’re now safely in the hands of … Latvia

EU member states will push for a “compromise” on net neutrality over the next six months, after Latvia, which took over the six-month rolling presidency of the European Council of Ministers last week, published its list of priorities for the first half of this year. Notably, it says it will seek “an overall compromise” on the …

  1. Dr Stephen Jones

    So Eurocrats want to control the internet

    Because there isn't a thing they want don't want to control. Net neutrality sounds lovely but it's a gift on a plate to these corrupt idiots.

  2. Slx

    They had to get rid of Steelie Neelie first though...

    Once she's out of the picture they can get on with watering it down to suit the telcos...

  3. William Boyle

    Dr. Doom?

    So, European net neutrality is now under the control of Doctor Doom? Oh, sorry. He was from Latveria...

  4. Yes Me Silver badge


    'Net neutrality activists see differentiated services as the gateway to a dreaded “two-tier internet”, '

    That is such BS. Differentiated services is how you ensure that voice gets what it needs (low loss, low jitter, low latency, low bandwidth), that video gets what it needs (some loss and jitter, low latency, high bandwidth) and that static text and images get what they need (some loss, any amount of jitter, some latency, all the spare bandwidth). Without differentiated services, user experience will be horrible. It has absolutely nothing to do with network neutrality or with the mythical two-tier Internet.

    Journalistic and political ignorance on this topic seems to be very deep-seated and is why almost any legislation is likely to be more damaging than laissez-faire.

  5. MondoMan

    There's still time to become an e-resident of Estonia!

    (until Putin/////independent Russian volunteers on vacation take it over)

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