back to article Channel: IBM stamps us into the dirt in race for cloudy glory

IBM is trampling over some smaller software boutiques in the rush to pump up its cloud sales volumes, we are told. Selling tech as-a-service is one of the five strategic pillars on which Big Blue has staked its future – alongside mobile, social, big data and analytics. But, at least according to some IBM Business Partners, it …

  1. Haro

    Happened Before

    My thought is that Sun Microsystems was destroyed because they stuck to channel partners when everything was switching to generic PC's and Linux. If you use channels there's something like 100% margin, and who can carry that these days?

  2. theExecutive

    See a B andwagon

    Then its too late, see the jobs that are advertised, AWS,CHEF,PUPPET, where is IBM.... This will be quick, IBM needs to concentrate on SALES of cloud into BUSINESS, but NOT IBM CLOUD...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The cloud channel, generally, is more about services than resell margin (although there is some resell margin). If a BP is all about taking IBM gear and just passing it along, they will probably need to add a services component for cloud.... I would think this would effect the gear shifters, e.g. CDW, the most.

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